How the Internet has revolutionized the Learning Process

We are living in the 21st century. This is a time that our ancestors could never imagine. The world has completely transformed. Today, everyone is connected. We have tons of information available just a few clicks away. We carry libraries in our pockets. This is what the internet has done to our world.

There was a time when a researcher had to travel from Italy to Spain to the UK to the USA in search of knowledge. However, a researcher today hardly leaves his room. All the information he needs for research is available to him in the virtual world.

From theory to practice; Google High School & Global YouTube University teach their students without charges and make them excel better.

The Internet offers help in literally every domain of life. From solving a numerical problem to fixing a bug in the software, from doing online shopping to learning how to make a chocolate cake, the internet is always at our service.

Free problem-solving articles on Google and free educational lectures on YouTube offer better help than any school/college teacher who would first charge a fee to teach, then if you ask him to repeat, he would lose his temper.

On the other hand, if you would replay a YouTube video 100 times to get a better understanding of the topic, YouTube would never mind it.

Also, we have an unending stock of free books available online that were hard to find and purchase just one or two decades ago.

Moreover, the internet always provides us with up-to-date knowledge and information. On the other hand, the theoretical knowledge taught in schools and colleges is outdated, obsolete, and useless.

Today, an MPhil or Ph.D. scholar might be struggling to find a job; while the one who has learned an online skill is earning six digits a month on the internet.

The Older Generation finds it Hard to Accept the Change

While the youth is adapting to the new era and its realities, the older generation, on the other hand, treats the internet as something immoral.

Even many parents question the legality of learning and earning from the internet. They believe that the internet is spoiling today’s generation.

But, they should accept the internet as a new reality. Also, they must incorporate it into their life.

Gone are the days of traditional modes of learning and earning. Today, schools, colleges, and universities are not well equipped and up-to-date to make their students good learners and good earners.

In short, the internet is a new universal global university for all without any segregation.

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