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Know All About CATS

Here’s a cute, lovely, and purry option for you.

This cute little companion is always available to you and shows her love all the time

If you’ve guessed that I’m talking about a cat you’re already a cat lover. But keep reading why you need one.

The lovely looks and interesting lifestyle of cats make them a perfect pet.

We as human beings are different and that makes every household different from others. Our lifestyle, habits, and routine affect not only our house members but it affects our pets too. Therefore, we must ask ourselves if we’re ready and available for a pretty cat?

There are options to satisfy our needs of having a cat which I’ll cover in another article. Here I’ll discuss the options of having cats when we’ve time and resources for them.

Question: What about other people in my house?

Answer: This question has prime importance. It is vital to make sure that everyone in the house is ready to have a cat around. Otherwise, conflicts can arise. If someone has objections you can talk to them and try to convince them.

Two Major Qualities to look at.

There are two types of cats, one needs daily grooming and the other doesn’t.

Persian, Turkish Van, or Maine Coons need grooming on a daily basis dude tho their long hair. E That’s how they will be free from tangles and health costs.

On the other hand, shorter hair cats don’t need daily grooming. Secondly, due to short hair, they are able to form themselves. Whereas, a good bond with them can be created by helping them to groom, which will result in an increase of love from them. Cat grooming is also a skill, but not a difficult thing. I’ll have an article on cat grooming too.

Do I need a male cat or a female?

I’ll say that choice is yours.

Neutered male and female cats normally show the same traits. Normally, when people buy two kittens from the same litter, it’s better to get same-sex kittens. On the other hand, in the case of neutered kittens, there’s no need to worry about choosing the same or different sex kittens. It’s recommended to neuter a kitten before reaching puberty. But, as I already said, it’s your personal choice of having the right sex of the cat.

A better decision can be made after consulting your local vet or any cat facility for getting advice. They will be helpful in choosing between a cat or a kitten too. What you like and how you live both affect your pets and the advisor can suggest a good choice for you.

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Is your house cat-proof?

Cats are curious animals and can harm themselves in their quest for knowledge.

You might have seen that cats love chewing and they can chew electric cords out of their playful behavior. Therefore, electric cords must not be within the reach of a cat. If you or someone else in your house love plants then make sure there aren’t any toxic plants easily reachable by a cat.

All the cleaning products, medicine, poisonous liquid, and other harmful products are out of your cat’s reach.


A regular visit to the vet and shots is necessary.

There are routine shots each cat must’ve. Your local authority or vet can inform you when your cat needs such shots.

In case of sickness or injury cats also need good care. You may talk to other cat owners and get advice on good facilities, experienced vets, healthy food supplies, etc. Also, they’ll be able to help you if you made a trip somewhere with your cat.

Where to get a cat from?

Cats can be found in shelter homes, rescue groups, pet shops, or even from friends or family.

Shelter homes are what most people recommend. You may find a good number of breeds in shelter homes so choosing is easy with multiple good options.

Rescue groups may not be available everywhere but wherever there’s a shelter home your cat get a cat from it. You can choose from a good number of cats in the rescue groups. Stores offered cats are sometimes taken from shelter homes.

You might be playing free for Spaying/neutering and/or vaccination. But regular shots are your responsibility. Stores charge prices in addition to these cats.

Cats from family or friends could be easy to handle as they might already be familiar with you.  Some people offer free cats. But remember that you mm might be paying for spaying/neutering.

Also, you must know if the cat is spayed/neutered or not. What type of training it had like litter training etc. If the car is not trained, you might take it to facilities and or train it yourself. It’s good to have a trained cat instead of worrying about its training.

Some questions to ask before buying a cat.

It’s good to know about the health and breed of your cat as well as the facilities it was availing.

Q1. What breed or crossbreed is this cat?

Q2. Is it neutered?

Q3. Where did the car come from?

Q4. How angry the car is? An angry cat could be harmful to other pets or children.

Q5. if your local authorities register cats) Is this cat registered by an authority?

Q6. What’s their favorite food?

Q7 Is it litter trained?

Q8. Was this cat ever left alone and for how long?

Q9. If the car was ever left alone, how did it behave during and after the loneliness?

Q10 When was the last time it visited a vet?

Having a cat around is a lovely experience. It plays with us and expects our attention. But, its curious nature might lead it to some trouble. Also, it has choices and might like it not like what we expect it to eat. They can also catch diseases and need good healthcare. According to the CDC  it’s better to keep your cat’s routine checkup as they can carry germs even when looking clean.

Having appointments with a vet on regular basis for shots and/or general checkups is a good idea as regular shots are a requirement. Knowing about some common cute and medicines for cats is a good option for cat owners.

Kids and cats, except for some breeds of cats, love to have each other. There are recorded bravery events when cats have saved their owners from dangers or from other animals bigger than cats. They have risked their lives to save their owners. There is a strong bond present between cats and the household they live in.

Hope you got a good glimpse of how to buy a cat. Please do leave your comments.

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