My Aim in Life

My Aim in life

Allah has created everything for a reason. Plants, trees, fruits, vegetables, coal, iron, gold, silver, moon, stars, land, sky and all living things are here to serve a purpose. There is no point for a single being to exist if he is here without any reason, that reason is his aim in life. 

Earth is the land made purely for life. This simply means that life should and must be persevered in any sense that is possible. Existence is meaningless without an aim. Why we live, why we breathe, eat, walk, talk or sleep? Is there any end to it…? If yes, then this would surely be our promise to our selves, an aim that we have set to do justice with our being on the planet.

Is an Aim always positive?

It is not true that aims are always positive. Aim can also be wild like Mongols back then in history, all the evil powers on Earth who have tried to eradicate all other religions and beliefs than theirs’ from the land, comprised of negative aims. Aim in its genre MUST BE POSTIVE else, there should be no aim at all if it is bound to hurt the humankind.


What is my aim in life?

As a young girl, I always wanted to do so much in life. With my parent’s nicest brought-up, I just could not wait to grow up instantly and fulfill my dreams, all of them! Obviously it took me years to be where I am today, had been through a lot of good and bad experiences, nicest and ugliest memories formed the shape of who I am today. I am thankful enough to Allah, for finally I have got to know and see my aim clearly, without any doubt, that I have started moving on with my best potential and abilities towards being a full-time Freelancer.

Do I have a good sense of responsibility?

As a struggling freelancer, I keep asking myself if I have a sense of responsibility towards my field and the related ethics. It is NOT only about money for me at the end of the day, but also I takes so much of honest commitment and perspiration to be an ideal freelancer. Besides delivering the products to the clients, I owe them and the society to deliver complete satisfaction by the kind of quality I produce for my work for them.

Am I a solution finder?

Successful freelancers tend to be solution oriented. They focus more on solutions rather than problems. As a freelancer, I also search for the solutions for any kind of requirements for my clients in the best way I can. I believe there can be varieties of ways to find solutions and make the world a better place to be in.


Building good client relationships

As a professional I believe in a strong relationship between myself and the clients for my business. I must build a good impression by showcasing a strong portfolio and providing quality based services. It surely takes years of working together to have reliable grounds of trust and confidence in business relations. Together we move further and together we grow.

I am I updated all time?

Today’s time is the era of information and digitization. No matter which subject or field we talk about is updated by tons of information on daily basis in the world of technology. For me to peruse my aim, it is compulsory to keep myself updated about the new tools and discussions in the marketplace. Only then, I would be able to meet with the requirements of 21st century. It is very important for the opening door to the new opportunities by staying connected through news boards, channels and social media networking.

Do I understand the importance of staying healthy?

I do understand that staying healthy physically and mentally is of crucial significance. This is the first stage for any individual to succeed in life. To perform all work-related and household activities, one must be fit and fine to enjoy every moment of the journey called life.

I know that I need to work hard for years to get to the expertise level in my field. Not only me, my family my people and my society also are a part of my responsibility. I love to care for them all and guide them in any way possible. This is what Islam teaches us too, to take care of ourselves and our fellow beings on Earth, hoping to see each other in Jannah, Ameen. This is only possible if I make the best of my life by achieving my aim.


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Written by Reem Hanif Malik

Extremely passionate about my career- building. A brave soul making my way to Allah every second of my life! Freelancing is my biggest pursuit these days till the end of my life!! I want to serve humanity as well while being successful In shaa Allah, Ameen. I dream big... I aim at achieving big...!!

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