10 Habits of Brilliant Students

10 ways to be a brilliant student

How the world would have been if all the humans were similar to each other in all ways. The way they think, react or eat! Allah has created all of us with different tendencies and desires. In a life time we meet individuals with various potentials and origins. This is what makes us stand out in the pursuit of what we want to achieve. At the learning stage too, there are different sorts of students or learners, some are slow or weak while some are very intelligent and learn things fast.

Some of the habits of highly successful and brilliant students are discussed below:

Thinking ahead:

Brilliant students are forward thinkers. They don’t live in the deception of avoiding facts around us and areas we deal with on daily basis. They wisely keep track of the tasks like studies, relationships, environment and their wish list. This way they are more disciplined in accomplishing targets and get more opportunities which others don’t due to lack of focus.

Necessarily, not every one of us can be a fore thinker naturally, but by developing good routine and discipline in life it is certainly possible to be one!

Getting good sense of responsibility

Doing one’s own laundry, ironing clothes, having a bank account at an early age, dealing with bills, observing grocery items used in the house, communication, in short, having an idea of how it’s like to grow year after year, fulfilling tasks and start  being independent at a very early age.

Finding Solutions

Successful students tend to be solution oriented. They focus more on solutions rather than problems. Even if they face a tough problem and apparently don’t see any solution to it, they dive into the matter and strive hard to get the way out. They know that time and lives are so precious to be wasted upon discussing problems only.

Building Relationships

Intelligent students build relationships with their teachers, professors and with other faculty members of their schools and universities. This has many benefits apart from being in interaction with the people who has same field as them. They learn about new opportunities they could otherwise miss. They will have people who would write recommendations for jobs and scholarships, because now, they know them and trust them and they will be willing to do this for them. This would also be profitable in the long term. This can be started by introducing oneself to the teachers at the beginning of the semester. Another interesting tip is that if thy see any article of the teacher’s interest, they can email them and say, hey! When I saw this I thought of you…!

Learning outside of class

Successful students consciously learn from the surroundings too. Learning has no boundaries like walls or borders even they are not bound for the day or the night time. Life is an on-going learning process. They learn no matter what we are doing. Learning through a variety of sources and branching out into areas of their narrow path. This is very useful because they expand the learning using countless powerful brain connections hence become more creative. They might also find something on this diversified path which could bring a huge boon to their success ahead.

Keeping ears to the ground

Another very useful habit of the brilliant students is they constantly keep their ears to the ground for new opportunities. One way to do this is to keep an eye on the bulletin boards around because   they have lots of flyers carrying information about the events and hands on experiences jobs very useful to the students before entering in the practical life. Another way is to follow social media accounts of the school or campus. Also follow the professors and teachers as they post about opportunities and solutions of their problems.

Staying physically and mentally fit

Good students understand that they should not be spending all of their precious time studying and pursuing opportunities. They also invest their time in staying physically and mentally fit! .While a lot of students don’t do  this, they lose track of their goof eating habits and exercise routine, they also lose interest in seeing people around and spending quality time with friends. They all end up with anxiety and all mental energy burnt out as a result, they won’t be able to enjoy any of their learning experiences as well.

Identifying problems

Smart learners stand out by analyzing the problem as it is and concentrate on the variety of solutions. They don’t scare teachers out by asking foolish and irrelevant questions and waste other’s time. They also are willing to apply the knowledge gained to reduce the area of concern and don’t keep beating about the bush. They look forward in life with positive energy by facing and eliminating the difficulties and become more and more efficient.

Spreading the light

Sharing the knowing they have got with other is yet another attribute of brilliant students. They strongly believe that they can play their part by helping others gain easily what they achieved though perspiration and a lot of hard work. They are not negative thinkers and share the light of knowledge.

Trying before they are ready

And that brings us to the end of the list of habits of brilliant students that they try things before they know they are ready. We are often much more qualified than we think we are! Many of us think that who am I to do this, I don’t have any expertise or certification for it, so I am not able to perform this task. This is NOT the case. Once we start doing this we develop skill and end up wanting doing it more, is a simple life theory! Successful students even try things when they look scary. They are daring.

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Written by Reem Hanif Malik

Extremely passionate about my career- building. A brave soul making my way to Allah every second of my life! Freelancing is my biggest pursuit these days till the end of my life!! I want to serve humanity as well while being successful In shaa Allah, Ameen. I dream big... I aim at achieving big...!!

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