How mobile phones have changed our lives

Mobile phones are now a “part and parcel” of our daily lives. We can’t imagine our lives without the presence of mobile phones.

So far, it has been observed that the concept of ‘mobile’ has evolved with time, particularly in the last ten years, and that it has progressed from simple hand-held mobile phones to multi-featured gadgets, a requirement for all.

Our perceptions and expectations have shifted because of the mobile phone. If someone is running late for a meeting, they are assumed to inform others by calling from their cell phones. It is no longer important to comply with a time and location for the meeting. People can simply call each other on their mobile phones and tell them where they are.

Let’s understand the negative and positive impacts of mobiles phones on our lives.

The positive changes: 

Stay connected:

The main aim of mobile phones is to keep people connected with friends and family irrespective of the distance between them. You can stay connected via emails, texts, video calls, social pr public media. As a result, mobile phones play an important role in keeping in touch with one another, positively impacting the health of the elderly. Adults who communicate with others, whether in person, over the phone, or via email, according to doctors. Or simply by texting are healthier and happier.

Gain knowledge:

For learning, mobile phones can be a great learning tool. If you face any problem related to studies, shopping, etc., the solution is available on the internet. There are so many apps available on the phone for reading and effective learning. According to Ray Kurzweil, the mobile phone is the world’s biggest library. Learn skills, watch tutorials, and enhance the horizons of your knowledge.

Sense of security:

Mobile phones are also useful tools for emergency services. It’s a safety device that allows us to track exact locations using GPRS. In an emergency, such as an accident, a car breakdown, physical illness, or a medical emergency, you can always call for rescue or assistance. According to the data, 40% of cell phone owners said that having their mobile with them helped them in an emergency.

A variety of utility devices:

One factor that contributes to the importance of mobile phones in our daily lives is their multifunctionality. Aside from calling or keeping in contact with others, a mobile phone can be used to perform calculations and set reminders for special occasions, birthdays, meetings, or activities. It can easily be used as a torch when needed. The most recent feature phones are built to work on more than one GSM network. Documents and files can be transferred from one gadget to another using ‘Emails,’ ‘WhatsApp,’ and ‘Bluetooth.’


Many people use mobile phones for communication and entertainment mostly. You can listen to songs, watch dramas, etc. Play games and upload photos and videos on social media. Whether it is a football match or tennis match, you can easily see it on your android phone.

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The negative changes:


One of the major disadvantages of using mobile phones is their ability to weaken social emotions, making people extra socially disruptive, rational, and introverted; immersed in their world full of self-centered phrases such as ‘I, “my”, “me”, and “myself.” People are having fewer face-to-face conversations. They would rather stare at their phones than talk to each other during a group meeting.

Mobile phones have the effect of isolating individuals from their friends, family, and loved ones. Ironically, mobile phones can connect us with others while also isolating us from family members and the real world.

Health problems:

There is much speculation that cell devices are harmful to one’s health. Its radiation is harmful, causing life-threatening diseases such as cancer, eye damage, nervous breakdown, slowed brain development, insomnia, irritability, headaches, and many more.

Child development issues:

Nowadays children have become addicted to mobile phones. They are always watching Tik-Tok videos and cartoons on mobile phones. They don’t eat or sleep without watching cartoons. It is good to some extent but extent exposure of children to the mobile phones can cause a lot of issues. It can affect the nervous system, brain development, hearing capacity, sleep patterns, eyesight, and psychology of children.


When there is excessive exposure to phones can lead to Nomophobia. It is a fear of the absence of the mobile phone. Around the world, many rehabilitate centers deal with social, mental, and physical conditions. It results from mobile addiction.

According to a recent study supported by SecurEnvoy, the number of people who worry about being without a smartphones has increased from 53% to 66% since 2008.

Bottom line:

Despite the drawbacks, it’s difficult to deny the benefits of mobile phones and their indispensable assistance in our daily lives. Mobile phones are an excellent accessory and a necessity for everyone. But, like everything else, “Mobiles” have advantages and disadvantages. It is important to decide what influence technology will have on our lives.






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