What Is Freelancing And How To Identify Your Skill?

In this blog, I am going to discuss the Following Key points related to Freelancing.

1.         What is Freelancing?

2.         Top Freelancing websites to earn money.

3.         Freelance work from home

4.         Which are those 10 skills from which you can make big money as a freelancer?

5.         Identify your skill.

1. What is Freelancing?

Nowadays, everybody wants to quit their 9-5 job because it restricts them to enjoy their freedom and life. Here’s come the freelancing term to help you out.

“Freelancing is described as the alternative job of escaping 9-5 routine”

In Freelancing, You are your boss. You work from your home sitting on your couch without any formal dressing. You just need a laptop and a better internet connection. There is no time bounding.

Who is a Freelancer?

A Freelancer is the one who gives services or sells skills to clients. Clients can be anyone who needs those services which a freelancer is offering. A freelancer is a self-employed person who gives services to clients on any freelance marketplace and then after the completion of the job the clients pay money to the freelancer according to the service client gets. A freelancer can offer many different services such as Graphic Designing, web development, content writing, social media marketing, digital marketing, teaching, virtual Assistant, and project management

2. Top Freelancing Websites to earn money

There is a lot of freelance work out there. To make money online you just have to be talented, have skills, and be able to sit for hours in front of your PC and get the job done, send it to the client, and get your money that’s it Hurrah!

There is more than 100 freelance marketplace on which you can work as a freelancer. But here I am going to discuss only the top competitive and popular websites.

Coming to the freelance marketplace. There are two types of freelance marketplace.

  •       Traditional marketplace
  •        Nontraditional marketplace


  •  Traditional marketplace





  •  Nontraditional marketplace


The traditional marketplace is a marketplace in which clients post a project, freelancers bid on it and the client can hire. This is as simple. On the other hand, In the nontraditional marketplace freelancers post their service called “Gig”, the client would go down from all the freelancers that are giving services related to the client’s requirement and then hire any of the freelancers.

Freelance marketplaces such as Up work, Guru, Freelancer, and Peopleperhour are traditional marketplaces and offer one-time jobs and hourly jobs, whereas Fiverr offers only a one-time job, which means the client hires you and you get the job done and after finishing the job, the client would pay you.

3. Freelance work from home

Freelancing is a work-from-home job. This means you do not have to go somewhere to do freelancing. You do not have to travel, and sometimes have to face a long traffic jam. They are the bosses of their own and most importantly, they can make money as much as they want. In the end, this is all about money. In freelancing, you are not getting a fixed salary at the end of the month. How much you want to make money from doing Freelancing, all depends on you. Another benefit of freelancing is that you can work at any time and at your own pace as you want.

To ease yourself as a freelancer and work minimum hours, you just need to identify your horsepower hours. Horsepower hours mean that working hours of yours can make you work at your highest potential. Me, I work 4 hours daily at which I am capable of putting 100% into my work and getting the jobs done.

Take small breaks during your working hours and listen to your favorite beats and music in that break time. A particular study shows that listening to your favorite music can make you capable of finishing your project or job faster and can boost your body.

4. Which are those 10 skills from which you can make big money as a freelancer?

In 2020, 10 skills that are most in-demand and can help you to make big money as a freelancer are:

  • Block-chain Technology

Block-chain technology is a highly valuable skill and less competitive. It is the technology on which the cryptocurrency is built and has a lot of work for freelancers.

  • Amazon DynamoDB

It is the fastest-growing skill and is used in advertisement technology, gaming, and the internet of things.

  • Tensor Flow

This technology is an open-source library that is used for machine learning and artificial intelligence.

  • Voice Over

Because of the growing niche of podcasts, audiobooks, and videos. Voice-over artists are getting more in demand.

  • Art Direction

This technology is demanded by traditional employers as well as the design studios for art direction.

  • Subtitling

Subtitling is the art of using captions on videos such as youtube videos. to become a  subtitling master, you have to be good at writing skills.

  • Content Strategy

Most professionals are worried about their content writing strategy. Freelancers can gain these skills and get a client who is worried about their blogs, videos, and podcasts.

  • Microsoft Power BI

This software is highly in-demand. Microsoft Power BI is used to analyze incoming data using business intelligence techniques.

  • Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a highly in-demand skill nowadays and also very less competitive. With augmented reality, it is now possible to change the user’s view of physical words with visual and other special effects. This is a fast-growing field for developers.

  • Computer Vision

Computer vision is a skill in which you have to give a visual understanding of what is going on around them, Computer vision experts are highly in-demand by companies. This niche is extremely valuable for developers.

5. Identify Your Skill

Identifying your skills is the most critical part in which you have to select your interesting field as your profession.

“Passion + Profession = Perfect Combo”

It means that “if your passion becomes your profession then you are lucky enough and have a greater chance to earn more”

Here I am going to tell you the 3-in-1 formula from which you can identify your skills much easier. Identifying your skills is the main part of your career if you choose the wrong skill it can ruin your career. So I suggest to all of my readers spend 80% of their time identifying your skillset.

Now let’s come to the 3-in-1 formula.

Learn three relevant in-demand skills and work on all three skills, practice them as much as you can. At some point, you will be pissed off by 2 skills and you will be able to stop practicing them. The remaining one skill which you are practicing and working on day and night regardless of your time zone is your passion and this is your right identification.

In this way, you have converted 3 skills into 1 at the end and now you can easily work on that one particular skill because that is your passion. That’s what the 3 in 1 formula is, “simple enough!!!”

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