7 Secrets to know that how to bid on Upwork

Freelancing is on the rise, due to rising unemployment. This year, COVID-19 has shut down many businesses. While all businesses seem to be stalling, online businesses seem to be growing. That’s why competition in online businesses will increase. Everyone is trying to get ahead of each other.

Here are 7 Secrets to know that help you make a successful bid on Upwork or any freelance websites…

  • Greetings: First, you have to Greet. Take his name if it seems appropriate. Everyone loves their name. This will make the client feel good. If the reader likes the beginning of your conversation, he will read more to you.   For Example, Good morning Sir, Hello David, Hey Mona etc.
  • Summarize your client’s work: This will make the client understand how much you understand his work. For Example, I understand you want to create a modern logo. I understand that you need a good designer with a good portfolio.
  • Introduce yourself: Who are you? What do you do? You Can give a reference to the previous work. For Example, I have been making logos for the last 5 years in the freelance market. I did so-and-so project (give a link).
  • Solution for the Clients Problem that You Find:  You will now tell your client how to do the project. Explain the solution to this problem. This will satisfy the client that this freelancer knows more work.  For Example, if you don’t like my work or have to make any changes, let me do as many times as you want.
  • Portfolio: You can check out my portfolio. Also, provide a link to your portfolio. This will make it easier for the client to decide whether or not to give you their project.
  • Free Offers: I’ll give you a Free mockup package. I am giving you all these Free offers and there will be many more. From the free mockup, you can see me well that I have made your design right or not? Also, ask another question if you want to ask. For Example, which colour do you like? Which logo do you like?
  • Ending Precisely: In the end, tell him that I am waiting for your answer. I would love to work with you.

Conclusion: I hope you understand these 7 Secrets to bid on any freelance websites like Upwork, guru, and people per hour etc. First, you have to greet, then you have to summarize the client’s proposal. Then you will tell about yourself. Then you will solve the problem of the client and at the same time you will give many free offers and in the end, you will wait for the client’s message. I hope you all understand. All freelancing websites are good but my favourite freelancing website is Upwork.

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