Freelance Writing and the types of freelance writing niches

Niche writing for freelancers can be narrowed down by industry or type of material. Health, education, travel, eCommerce, banking, and real estate are some examples of industry niches. Ghostwriting, case studies, white papers, email marketing, and SEO writing are the types of freelance writing niches.

What is Freelance Writing?

As a writer, the freelance definition – or freelance meaning – is someone who works for themselves. You are regarded as a self-employed business owner.

A freelance writer is someone who writes for more than one client and is paid per writing job or batch of assignments.

Depending on the service you require, you can call yourself by a variety of names:

  • Freelance Blogger – mostly focuses on blog writing.
  • Material Writer – focuses on various sorts of content (white papers, blog posts, eBooks, etc.).
  • SEO Writer – Provide well-optimized material for search engines in order to rank in Google.
  • Content Strategist – focuses on content creation and management.
  • Freelance Web Content Writer – primary concentration is on creating web content.
  • Ghost Writer — the focus is on supplying ghostwritten (not in your name) eBooks, blog posts, website pages, emails, white papers, and other materials.

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Types of Freelance Writing Niches

Now that we’ve defined freelance writing, let’s look at the different forms of material you can be required to create for your clients.

Blog Writers

This is, without a doubt, the most well-known example of freelance writing. Freelance content writers can provide their clients with blog writing services. They are typically assigned a topic to write on and asked to submit a draft.

The word count for a blog article might vary greatly. Some freelance writers write only 500 words per article, while others might write up to 4,000.

The main advantage of writing this style of material is that it is constant. Companies expect their blogs to be updated on a regular basis. They can hire freelance bloggers to do this, which means you’ll have stable revenue and recurring work if you negotiate contracts with clients who require X blog entries per month.


There are copywriters in the freelance writing field who specialize in crafting written content for a client. This is a diverse line of business. You may find yourself conducting the following forms of copywriting on a daily basis:

  • Internet sites (including home, service, and landing pages)
  • Copy for social media
  • Job postings
  • Publications in the press
  • Brochures
  • Advertisements


Not every freelance writing project requires you to create an article from fresh! As a freelance writer, you can make a living by editing other people’s content. It’s an excellent technique for clients on a tight budget to polish draughts they’ve made themselves.

Although freelance editors may not necessarily determine the topics or tales that a company writes about, you will need to comprehend story arcs, content writing requirements, grammar, and a variety of other concepts before advertising yourself as a professional.

Their responsibilities may include the following:

  • Email proofreading
  • Creating a polished blog article from a rough copy provided by a customer
  • Short story submissions are being reviewed for publication.
  • The marketing teams’ website copy is being reviewed.
  • Editing product teams’ onboarding sequences
  • Every department, regardless of business, requires an editor to ensure that a writer’s work is clear and communicates their voice before sharing it with the public.

Email Copywriter

Email marketing generates millions of dollars for businesses. It’s a tremendous platform for them to engage with potential clients and persuade them to purchase their items. That’s why email copywriters in the freelancing market are in high demand.

Email copywriters are responsible for writing emails for a range of purposes, including:

  • Welcome to the mailing list, new subscribers!
  • announcing the launch of a client’s new product, feature, or service
  • Developing fresh leads via a website or advertisement
  • Increasing the number of people who sign up for an event
  • Customers should be thanked for a recent purchase or sign-up.

Ghost Writers

A freelance ghostwriter is a copywriter who does not receive credit for their work.

It’s a type of writer who’s frequently engaged by industry specialists or persons who wish to position themselves as industry experts. They hire ghostwriters to create content that they would be proud to put their name on, such as whitepapers, eBooks, and long-form blog entries.

The most obvious disadvantage of working as a freelance ghostwriter is that you don’t get credit for your work. You won’t be able to include that item in your writing portfolio, and you won’t receive a connection to your website when it’s published. Your name isn’t going to show up anyplace.

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