How to protect your property against third-party claims? Paying a large amount of compensation for damages can seriously affect our finances, so it is worth considering insurance that will avoid it. The solution in this situation is third-party liability insurance, you can read more about how does civil liability works in private life below.

What is liability insurance in private life? What does it protect against?

Third-party liability is most often associated with a motor insurance policy, however, third-party liability insurance may also apply to matters not related to the car. Simply put, it works on the same principle as car liability – when we cause damage to someone, the insurance company will cover all claims. However, there are differences that you need to be aware of. First of all, the sum insured in the case of private liability is not defined by law, as it is in the case of motor third-party liability. So you can choose third-party liability insurance whose sum insured will suit your needs. Secondly, quite obvious civil liability in private life is not obligatory, and thirdly, it may apply not only to the buyer of insurance but also to damages caused by a pet or a child.

In what situations is private liability insurance justified?

Causing damage to the property or health of third parties may happen in very mundane circumstances. All you have to do is renovate the apartment and during the works, you will break the pipe and flood the neighbor who lives below. Damaged furniture, sometimes also clothes, electronic equipment, or household appliances, costs many thousands of zlotys. If the neighbor was not insured, his natural step will be to obtain compensation from you, which will allow him to renovate the premises and buy back the damaged equipment. Liability in private life will make the insurance company cover the damage.

Another situation, when whole life insurance is very useful, concerns snow removal from the property. Every homeowner who comes into contact with a public footpath must clear it. Sometimes, however, it is impossible, which may cause an accidental passer-by to fall and break his leg. Here, too, a compensation claim may be made, which the insurer will take care of.

What does private liability cover?

The scope of private liability insurance is therefore very wide and may include:

  • Amateur sports,
  • Real estate use,
  • Use of bicycles and wheelchairs,
  • The use of vessels for recreational purposes,
  • Using flying models,
  • Using other people’s premises, e.g. hotels, rented apartments, etc.

It is worth remembering that this type of third-party liability insurance applies not only to damages caused by the insured, but e.g. a child who may break a window of a neighbor with a ball, or a dog that destroys a valuable item or injures a third party.

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The private liability insurance policy also has its limitations, which are included in the contract. This means that the occurrence of the following circumstances will make it impossible to pay the compensation to the injured – the insured will have to take care of them. Typically, these are events such as:

  • The damage was caused under the influence of alcohol, intoxicants,
  • The insured person has participated in the crime,
  • Professional sports practicing,
  • Having a dog whose breed is considered aggressive,
  • Causing damage to a registered vehicle (i.e. car, motorbike, etc.).

Moreover, insurers do not pay compensation in a situation where the injured is the immediate family (children, spouse).

How much is a civil liability in private life?

This product is very often a component of other types of insurance – mainly property and life insurance policies, but it sometimes appears as a separate offer. In such a situation, it is valid as long as the main insurance product, which is usually 12 months. The same is true when you buy civil liability insurance separately in your private life. It is not an expensive solution. To protect yourself against claims with a maximum amount of PLN 50 or 100 thousand, you have to pay from PLN 100 to about PLN 250 depending on the details of the policy scope and the selected insurance company.

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Written by Steve Anthonu

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