Disadvantages of late night sleep

Disadvantages of late night sleep

In an ideal life, we would have the blessing of going to bed early to be able to rest for a productive day ahead and rising up early, maintaining discipline of life. But some responsibilities like job, households and childcare make it difficult to stick to this ‘early sleep and early rise concept. We should keep in mind the two important factors, when it comes to sleep-consistency in time and the amount of sleep.

Biologically, we are intended to sleep better when it’s dark and work more during the sun-time. Naturally, we feel that our brain‘s alertness dips and wakefulness increases during certain intervals of time during the day. It is also because of the circadian rhythm of or brain system. Circadian system works like an internal clock when the body gets used to a certain sleeping schedule; it is called to be working under this system. It may get off-balance if sometimes we shift our working hours. Most experts recommend at least 7-8 hours of sleep for an adult in a day.

Side effects of not getting enough sleep

If e experience day time urge to sleep, it means that we are not getting enough sleep at night. We might also experience accidents, irritability and forgetfulness. Late night sleep can also cause consequences like long term health problems, getting sick often, hypertension (High Blood Pressure), Diabetes, Heart disease, obesity depression and laziness during the day time which, already, is a curse by itself.

Straying away from what is natural can lead to many disorders. One can also experience disorders which may result in insomnia or excessive sleepiness during the day.

Being a late night owl may lead to earlier death. Such a person who sleeps late at night feels jet-lagged every day.


Significance of proper sleep

What Islam says about slumber?

Allah (SWA) in the Holy Qur’an has said:

“He it is who made for you the night that you should rest therein, and the day to see. Surely in those are signs therein for a people who listen.” (Surah Yunus v.67)

Allah has made it clear for us to use the night to rest, and the day to “see”. The words “see” here means to travel the world and see the greatness of Allah and also recognize His Oneness. (Tafsir Ibn Kathir p.444 v.2)

From the above we can derive that it is not sinful to go to sleep late and wake up late as long as no prayers are being missed. However, it is against what is natural thus, it is best to refrain from getting into the habit of such a sleeping pattern.

Only Allah knows best about His creations and their biological systems.


Although we have gone through various side effects of late night sleeping, however, if we correct our habit of getting in the bed at the right time, work with full energy during the day and make it a routine, then there is no doubt that we would overcome all above mentioned mental and physical health problems and enjoy a calm and happy life. We can schedule our best sleep-hours based on when we have to wake up every day and counting back by seven hours (recommended minimum per night for adults).

Overall, it is supposedly the best practice to go early to bed and wake up early next morning, but this, may not work for everybody as a matter of fact. In this case, it is far better to take enough sleep and make sure that it’s a good quality. A doctor should be consulted if there is a regular sleeping disorder or late night sleep. We must make effort to improve the quality of our lives. Night is a blessing of Allah to be used for complete rest and regaining of all the energies of the body. This would be wise enough to use it well. This would result in more energy, more productivity and more enthusiasm all through the next day and hence whole life!

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