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Needless to say, a homeland is the dearest place for most people as it links to their hearts. During my early years, I was not able to see anything beyond my parents’ loving gentle and caring hands, but gradually, as I grew up, the first thing that I noticed was my surrounding, my home city… Hyderabad!

I had a strong sense of belonging for my birthplace Hyderabad, with every passing year, the relation became stronger and this continues up till now.


Talking specifically of Hyderabad, the evenings here are lovely with fresh and cool breezes. As in every city, we have underdeveloped and developed partitions, so is the case with Hyderabad. The modern city side is getting busier and has more traffic than ever before, especially after the car financing schemes from various banks. This naturally calls for a change in the traditional outlook or feel of Hyderabad’s serenity.  Besides there are certain areas even being populated have remarkable calmness for a healthy lifestyle.

Of course, we as the citizens do feel the urgency of all kinds of modern facilities to be introduced and implemented timely in some areas.  Issues like sanitation, pipelines, cleanliness and better roads should be taken care of and public should more actively abide by the rules of law and order must be practiced to get the most out of this land’s blessings.

There still are many systems working so well for the education, commerce, transportation and social reforms. Places like Kohsar, Memon Society, Mir Fazal Ton, Mubarak Coloney and Hyderabad Cantonment have their own management bodies which take good care of the safety and developmental aspects of the societies. Famous stadiums await the audience in large numbers to attend the national and international sports like Niaz Stadium and many others.


Hyderabad is located in the province of Sindh. Being the second largest city of Sindh and eighth largest one of the country, it was founded back in 1786, by Mian Ghulam Shah Kalhoro of the Kalhora Dynasty. It is the matter of immense pleasure for me that this city has served as the provincial capital twice in the past years, including the era between 1947 and 1955.



Hyderabad is undoubtedly a place for many attractions like beautiful modern shopping hubs like Baig Mart, Dawood Mart, Boulevard Mall and a few others, Sindh Museum, Badshai Banglow, Sindh University campus, Market Tower, Nursery Park, Mian Ghulam Nabi Kalhoro Tomb, Market Tower, Rani Bagh, and Mukhi House, Indus Hotel and Hotel Crown. Modern medical facilities are available for the patients in the Doctors’ Lane Agha Khan Hospital and Quaid-e- Azam Complex CMH Road, Cantonment, Hyderabad.



How can we forget the most sensational part of the city, it’s FOOD….! It is filled with options of the places offering best food services, among them are; Royal Taj Restaurant, Pizza Hut, Mc Donald’s, Bombay Baker, Pizza Track, KFC, The Rooftop, Sabza Zar, Subway, Piatto, Rakabi, Pizza 21, Ridhan (Saudi Food), Saughat –e- Shireen, Alpino Gelato Ice cream and more.


Serene nights and a peaceful life is still a part of Hyderabad’s blessings. We can live with freedom, modern facilities and follow Islam as our Deen. We should be thankful to the Creator for such a nice decree!

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Written by Reem Hanif Malik

Extremely passionate about my career- building. A brave soul making my way to Allah every second of my life! Freelancing is my biggest pursuit these days till the end of my life!! I want to serve humanity as well while being successful In shaa Allah, Ameen. I dream big... I aim at achieving big...!!

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