Future of Digital Marketing| Some important tips and tricks

The increase in the use of the internet for 2 years has a very major effect on the algorithm of Google. Although the algorithm of google changed every year, but this time due to COVID-19, a lot has been changed. In short words competition is increasing so you need to upgrade and enhance your abilities otherwise you know the survival of the fittest.

So, there has been some effect on digital marketing as well. This change is discouraged by most of the people but at the end of the day, we have to adapt ourselves according to google. The main reason for the change is the saturation of the market. As one of the four persons have their own website on google. Competition is going higher and higher.

How digital marketing is changing?

1) Increment in voice searches:

Advancement in technology has changed everything. Voice searches are going to take place of typing. It has been researched that most people use voice recording instead of typing and google has results of more than 100 languages regarding voice. And in the future, it would not be strange to say that google home or Alexa is going to take place. It is predicted that 50% of the searches would be done through voice searches. So SEO will completely be changed.

2) Complexity in Algorithm:

As technology is enhancing, the algorithm of Google is becoming harder and more complex. There had been 12 updates in 2018. There were 13 updates in 2017 and 11 in 2016. By combining the confirmed updates, you will understand that Google has been averaging 2 updates. So the algorithm is becoming more complex.

3) Blogging won’t remain as strong:

As you know that Google likes thick content. Blogging will become difficult in the future as there are a lot of websites. So if a website does not provide unique content, then Google won’t rank it. So there must be unique content in your blog post. Google likes fresh and unique content.

4) Leverage all channels instead of relying on one:

Dropbox is a multi-billion dollar company. When Dropbox initially appeared, it tried to acquire users through Google AdWords. Do you know how much it ranged? It ranged from $200 to $300. This cost Dropbox $60 and it raised its growth hacking. It provided users with more space when you invited more users. Any person with the right frame of mind would not spend $200 to get a user who pays only $60. But nowadays, this cannot happen as people usually ignore the invites. Not you have to leverage all channels from content marketing to paid ads to social media marketing. You have to adopt an omnichannel approach like email marketing, paid ads, social media marketing, and SEO, etc.

5)  New and uncommon search engines:

Although these search engines are not new but many digital marketers do not pay attention to these. Nowadays, You can’t just focus on google and then imagine your work had done. It is not as simple. You have to focus on other search engines as well like youtube, udemy. You should not ignore the importance of video content so embed the video in your content.

 6) Budget shift:

Google’s revenue has been increasing day by day. there is a dramatic increase in the usage of the internet since COVID-19. the world has been shifted to online. Nowadays, companies are marketing on Facebook and Google AdWords. In 2017, Facebook crossed a point where they had more advertisers than inventories in the month of June/July at least in the US and it is continued in other countries as well. CPC is increased. So, you should start running A/B tests. Moreover, you should include this in your marketing strategy as well.

7) Marketing funnels:

I am quite sure that you have heard about marketing funnels once in your life but never have used them. The funnel is not as simple as an email sequence. with ads being more expensive, it would be difficult for you to run more A/B tests.

In this case, my advice would be to focus on existing clients rather than focusing on finding new clients. Moreover, when you offer upsells and downsells, you would realize that your revenue has been increased. Lead capturing will work best, the businesses with the best lead capturing ability will grow.


The world is changing and of course, it has an impact on everything. The same goes for digital marketing, So, if you wanna grow as a digital marketer, you need to update yourself regularly because the algorithm of Google is being changed and you need to adjust yourself according to it.

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Written by Anas Iftikhar

As a lawyer, I have a blog related law. I write about different aspects of law, I am also a freelancer, digital marketer, social media marketer as well as Youtuber.

In these articles, I will show you the ways, you can earn money online.

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