Master The Art Of Copywriting For Social Media With These 8 Tips

Copywriting is about conveying the importance and value of your product/service to your target audience through the use of persuading and actionable words or phrases in your message. Copywriting is so essential whether your marketing campaign is to be done through any social media platform or in printable form.

Mastering Copywriting is an asset that will help you in the long run to Persuade, Influence, and Engage your reader. Now, In this age when there is a huge bulk of advertisements on the different social media platforms, how to grab your prospective customer’s attention?

Well, It is about using the right combination of words to ignite the curiosity of getting more knowledge about the product, building an initial connection leading towards an inquiry message, a click, or a website visit.

Copywriting is a great profession though, so becoming a copywriter can also be a great option if you get interested in it after reading this article.

It is a multi-trillion industry and many people still don’t know that this profession exists. Everything in stores, shops, malls, online, and offline has a copy, a tagline, a slogan addressing user needs. An effective copywriting can double your sales or even more if you can target your mark well.

Here I am going to briefly discuss two commendable techniques that are being practiced over the decades and proved their worth. While designing or creating an ad campaign, the application of these techniques could add to productivity and profitability.


AIDA is an old and profound marketing technique taught in books, but it is more catchy when converted to practicality. AIDA Stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

A sale copy is not a general piece of writing that you are writing rather it is a message about the impact your product is going to make in the users’ life.

An AIDA compelling copy should enforce:

Attention: It should grab the targeted audience’s attention in the first place forcing them to pause before turning over the page/channel or from speedy scrolling of the screen.

Interest: An interest should be built to get to know more about the advertised product.

Desire: Arousing a desire to get the product by believing that its benefits are somewhere gonna adding ease to lifestyle.

Action: A final action towards purchasing the product. Giving a call to action option to learn more about the product. It can be a Message option or click redirecting to the product landing page( A website page telling about product or service you are selling including online buying options).

PAS  Technique

Here comes one of the oldest, most used, and effective copywriting techniques.

PAS stands for Problem, Agitate, and Solve.

Problem: Start your copy by pointing to a problematic scenario that the audience usually goes through in their daily life. It can be ranging from looking for a good diet plan to a cheap and fast motorbike.

So, as there is not a dearth of problems, there should also be the same for solutions. Come with a One.

Agitate: Agitate the problem by building up an engaging scenario, put into a picture, a story, or in form of a video.

Just like: Tired of being waiting for standing on the road waiting for a Taxi? Getting late for important meetings due to that everyday issue?

Solve:  Now, Here the best part to come up with a great solution that can make your audience feel tempted to your product.

E.g. Get your online ride, in time, cost-effective, wherever whenever you want…Just a click on our app away.

Now here are the 8 most super tips for writing s compelling copy:

1.Do deep niche Research

Before writing a sales copy it is very important to do some homework. Because diving straight into it without any proper research about product value, audience needs and an overview of prospective customers’ demographics, interest, and expectations is just like diving into a pool without knowing swimming.

Social media is more of a discussion room since ever,  get to know people’s real needs regarding your product can be done by analyzing relevant discussion on these forums. Identify those needs and use those as a benefit provided by your product. But it should be based on truth as falsehood cannot make you do business, in the long run, resulting in damaging reputation and credibility.

Reddit, Quora, Twitter, and such sites where people tend to discuss  and trends are worth noticing,

2.Be compassionate while writing sales copy

While writing sales copy for social media, the thing a copywriter should keep in mind is to think of as a customer and brainstorming about what would impress him/herself in a  sales copy. Use of a language that shows the brand as a loyal and compassionate friend to the audience. Do not use harsh or offensive words in sales copy.

Keep cultural and traditional aspects in focus because a thing that is acceptable in one culture can easily be offensive to another.

Use polite and engaging words. In Email newsletters and blog posts, use a  more considerate copy.

3.Engaging copywriting is a must

While writing E-mail and blog copy, keep it engaging so that reader continues to read it. If the reader gets bore there will be no chance of reading it further and the purpose of copy will not be entertained.

Use short, persuasive sentences, and provide some appealing stories, stats, or quotes.

Use relevant images and videos to make them more pleasing. Do not get straight into product selling, rather pass it on in a more logical manner.

4.Headlines speak louder

Well, nothing can beat the power of super-specific headlines. To the point, catchy and jaw opening headlines are the best attention grabbing tools whether it is print media or online. David Ogilvy known as the father of advertising published a list of catchy words that add more not to his copy only but greatly to his sales too.

A descriptive headline also works. For example, This driver saved the girl from a robbery at the bank, Meet the hero!

Use of Numbers and percentage are more likely to get an instant click so use them often while writing headlines in the copy.

E.g. Research suggests 50% of Americans are having back pain due to prolong internet use. Follow these instructions not to become one of these!

5.Create a sense of urgency

An online sales copy can be prompt by creating an urgency amongst the audience. Use of: Limited stock available, Book your order, Limited edition only for passionate readers, 75% sale to our first 100 loyal customers, and similar kind of phrase can help you get real results.

6.Mention the key benefits

In your sales copy, make sure to elaborate on the key features customers gonna get from your product. Here the focus should be you instead of I.

E.g, Are you tired of reading the same boring household stories?

Storisa is different with culturally widened stories, click to know better 🙂

Use Emojis as they tend to convey messages quickly.

7.Post Frequently

Readers go through hundreds of ads every day, be consistent to post frequently about your product to keep people aware of your latest deals.


Back your statement with proof as well by providing users experience with your product that will boost up your brand credibility resulting in more prospective leads in the future:)

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Written by Aafia Shadab

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