Is Digital Marketing changing?

In this modern world, everything is going to be digitalized. The rise of the internet and digital media in the 21st century has brought profound effects in the world today. This digital world has created new business marketing opportunities today.  Many businessmen sell their products and services through digital marketing. However, digital marketing has been changing day by day. Why digital marketing has been changing is because of the new technologies that are being adopted today. Additionally, more and more people are creating their websites which brings a change in the digital media. In this article, I am going to discuss how digital marketing is changing.

Increasing voice searches:

Most of the people prefer voice searches rather than searching on Google using a smartphone or computer. It was predicted that 50% of the searches would be on voice-based. People would be using Google Home or Alexa rather than Google to search for their content. It proved true as we can see many people prefer to search on Google when they want to know something.

No shortage of content:


Yes. There would be no shortage of content for Google in the future. Many blogs are being created on daily basis and the day will come when these blogs would not be so strong. By this I mean, Google will be accepting only unique content. Only high-quality content would be Google-friendly. The websites with the same content which is already published would not be ranked high on Google. Content Marketing would have a demand only if it included unique and high-quality content.

Less common search engines:


With the changing world, less common search engines like YouTube and iTunes are also getting importance today. Your focus point must not be inclined to Google only. Instead, you must be aware now that people love video content. Therefore, you should not ignore the importance of video and audio forms of content. It is important if you want to get success in the changing digital world today.

Marketing Funnels:

I guess, you must have heard of what funnels are but you might not be using them. Marketing Funnel is not something as simple as an email sequence. As ads are getting expensive, you will see that you are running more A/B tests. As competition is also running A/B tests, you will see that ad prices will also be getting higher.

So, what you can do for this?

Well, I must say, you should get money from your existing customers rather than new customers that you get to generate revenue from. Moreover, when you offer upsells and downsells, you would realize that your revenue increases from 10% to 30%. You can offer your customers 2 or 3 upsells or downsells. In case, they do not take the offer you can give them the same offer again with monthly installments. If you do not know how to do upselling or downselling, you can build a marketing funnel.

Budget shift:

Google’s yearly revenue has increased today as compared to its past. As time passes on, more people are coming online and cost per click is also getting higher. After June/July 2017, Facebook has got more advertisers than inventory in the US. Not only in the US but it also continued in other countries. With the greater number of advertisers, Facebook ad costs have also increased drastically. Nowadays, companies are spending more money on Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. Hardly any company spends money on conversion rate optimization. No matter what solution you use, you should start running A/B tests plus you should include it in your marketing strategy as well.

Leverage all the channels rather than relying on one


Dropbox is a multi-billion dollar c0ompany. You must be familiar with it. Initially, they tried to have users through Google Adverts. Do you know how much it cost them to get a customer? It was between $200 to $300. Would you believe if I tell you what Dropbox costs? It costs $60 a year. Any person with the right frame of mind would not spend $200 to get a user who pays only $60. That’s why; Dropbox started using growth hacking for its growth. Dropbox became a multi-billion dollar company once it starting using growth hacking. Similarly, if you created an invite flow just as Dropbox used to do in the earlier time, it won’t work that way. You cannot build a company using one channel. You cannot grow your business using one channel. You will have to leverage all the channels like paid ads, social media marketing, content marketing, SEO, and email marketing. It is the only option that will help you in the long run. To be successful, you need to adopt an omnichannel approach.


Digital Marketing is changing and will change in the future. With the increasing advancement in technology, we can see lots of changes in digital marketing. However, if you read and work out on the concepts above, you will have a smoother ride in the future.

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