What are Emerging Digital Marketing trends in the Future??

Digital Marketing is all about marketing, advertising, and, selling products through the use of the internet. Digital marketing is constantly changing due to the advancement of technology, usage patterns of different social media platforms, and more urge of getting users’ raw and genuine perspective.

It cannot be done using similar old practices like applied in the traditional marketing approach.

To cope with the changes in the modern technological era, digital marketers must come up with the best skills of marketing to get their job done in the best possible way.

Here are prospect changes that are partially implemented right now and going to take over the place soon:

1.Change in Social Media Paradigm

By default, social media is thought of as a medium to interact with family, friends, general public to expand social circle and to create a sense of connectivity.

But the initial objective of using social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat has taken a major shift from social platforms to entertainment garage and a marketing paradise for businesses.

Therefore, all these platforms are paying more attention to providing a more accurate amount of infotainment by carefully analyzing the user’s interests and hobbies. Facebook has introduced the “Explore” option for this purpose so that people can search for their desired video content. Instagram has IGTV which provides longer duration videos based content to fill user’s entertainment cravings.

There can be a completely different section of providing short and long video-based infotainment data along with socializing options of Messanger, posts, etc on these platforms.

2.Artificial Intelligence

AI is not the future, it is present! Artificial intelligence is playing a significant role in determining user preferences, disliking, buying patterns, behavioral patterns based on their opinion about a particular event. It also helps in predicting future action taken by the user on viewing a particular advertisement, or action calling marketing hack.

AI-based gadgets have made life easy by making most of the electronic components self-driven. Facebook, Instagram is already using AI for recommendation and picture identification purposes.

Netflix and Amazon use AI for the recommendation of videos and products and to conclude the transactions process. AI and Ml(Machine Learning) both are going to be a game-changer in the future so marketers must go deep into these concepts to apply to their business ventures because not paying attention to evolving technological advancements can lead to huge setbacks.

3.Voice Search will Take over the query typing


Voice search is the ability provided by a Search Engine, Website, or application to search relevant topics or asking a query verbally without typing it in a given search bar. It is also greatly in use to communicate with people just like voice notes in WhatsApp and many other social communicating apps.

Google, YouTube, and other search engines are focusing on providing a more smooth voice search experience.

Alexa, Cortona, Siri, and similar voice-based assistants are primarily designed using deep learning to provide timely, precise, and accurate search results. They are helping in automating processes to increase user satisfaction.

So New SEO approach will be more inclined towards using voice search keywords and finding exact results of queries.

4.Video As an essential marketing Ingredient

Youtube has 2 billion monthly users, who watch 250 million Hours on screen daily. It is the second most visited website and the second-largest search engine in the world.

Moreover,96% of young American ages form 16-24 use youtube( It is serving in 91 countries and 80 different languages. So it is crucial to promote your brand using videos on YouTube and other videos supportive social media platforms.

We are primarily talking about youtube because it is the leader in video-based content providers. Things get more interesting as research indicates that 68% of people make purchase decisions after taking a guide from watching product relevant videos on Youtube(

Marketing your product/service using recorded or Live video presentations can prove to be a game-changer. It helps in building personalized long-lasting business relations. Facebook and Instagram are now also very focused on grabbing this opportunity through ranking video data high as people are more likely inclined to watch it than reading blog posts.

It does not certainly mean that blogging will become less popular rather videos will be helping in targeting more prospective customers.

Content is the king, so it is highly important to convey the message in a manner igniting the desire to purchase through powerful copywriting both in videos and blogs.

5.A reduced traditional Marketing Budget


Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the overall marketing approach has taken a major shift like never before. Marketers and businesses tend to focus more on making their online presence and selling to a large, diversified audience. Businesses are decreasing their traditional marketing budget(excluding the internet) from last 5 to 6 years.

US marketers indicated a slight increase in the traditional marketing budget from February 2019 to  February 2020 but due to the severe effects of the pandemic, it led to an indication of an 11%  traditional marketing budget decrease in 2020.

With more use of social media, online marketing strategies’ formation and budget allocation to these mediums have played a great decisive role.

As research suggests in 2020,33% of mobile marketing budget spent on social media advertising including sponsored videos, searches, and displaying relevant ads in the UK.

6.Marketing Funnels

The marketing funnel is relevantly an old concept and that is sure to be more popular in the future but would be done in a new way. By definition, Marketing Funnel is about creating awareness in a person who does not know anything about your product, to developing a sense of interest in it. It leads to the evaluation of products by viewing relevant information or videos, and then the trial of the product.

It’s the final desired outcome is the adoption of the product.

Marketing should be effective enough so that you can build a funnel of valued customers and maintaining long-term business relationships.

The modern way of creating marketing funnels could be by offering customers something valuable in the very beginning. It can be a free trial of a product, an ebook, or a personalized conversation to help customers making their purchase decision.

Modern copywriting techniques are going to play a vital role in engaging users.

7.Need to cope with Change in Search Algorithm

Since its inception, Google has introduced a  dynamic, trustworthy, and unique search utility. It is continuously working on providing user-centric content. Over time, Google changes its ranking algorithm now and then to provide a reliable, efficient, and engaging user experience. Starting from eliminating keyword stuffing, plagiarism,low-quality content up to the providence of highly optimized,mobile-friendly content, Google is opting for more complex and advanced ranking algorithms.

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