Why to innovate as a Digital Marketer in future

Technology is growing day by day and advancement is continuously made in the IT industry. It is affecting a lot of businesses, but if we talk about digital marketing lot of changes should be made if you want to survive in the future as a digital marketer. There are mainly two reasons one is advancement in technology and the second one is a saturation of content on the internet because so many people are producing quality content and the internet is a place where there is survival of the fittest. As a digital marketer, you should keep pace with time or innovate with time.

Voice based Search Trend

Late 2019 there is a popular increase in the number of people searching thing by using their voice mean they are using Alexa or google assistant to search their queries on the internet. So as a digital marketer you should have multiple sources of traffic e.g while writing a blog also create a video about written content and embed it in your blog. In doing so, keep one thing in mind and that is relevancy because if your content is not relevant google will not rank it to top search results.

Innovate before its too late

Innovation is very important in any business and the most popular example is Nokia and yahoo. Everyone knows that they didn’t innovate and now their footprints are nowhere to be found. So in digital marketing, you should focus on the less saturated platform in the future because Google has already enough quality content for people. Less saturated platform include youtube and other audio platforms remember as discuss before voice search are increasing day by day. So your prime focus should be on them.

Lead Capturing

To capture the leads and want to attract more customers to your business you have to upsell or down-sell your business, and in the future, only those businesses will survive which are good at lead capturing and milking money from their existing customers.


From the above discussion, I hope that you understand why you need to innovate as a digital marketer and what should be done to innovate with time.

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Written by Muhammad Ahsan

I am a freelancer. Skilled in WordPress, Digital, and social media marketing. Strong programming professional currently doing Bachelor’s Degree focused in Computer Software and have interest in AI. 

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