7 Marketing tips for small businesses that could gain success


2020 is the year of uncertainties for many small businesses. It has been a rollercoaster, they have suffered the most because of the lack of planning to be active on the internet. Digital marketing is on the rise and to give helpful marketing tips to small businesses is a recipe to gain remarkable internet success.

However things are changing drastically in the future of digital marketing. In this article I will discuss 7 digital marketing tips to help small businesses to be ahead of the game from their competitors.

Here is a digital marketing list of the changes taking place in 2021:

  1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will be converted to voice search:

In this year 2020 alone 50% of searches have been done by voice search using the internet. It is estimated that 30% of users do google search using this feature. For example Alexa will be used more often than smartphones and computers.

  1. Updates and changes will be made to Algorithms making it harder to rank

Google has made 12 updates in 2018, which has increased compared to previous updates. These updates continued to 13 updates in 2017 and 11 in 2016. This has worked out to be an average of 2 updates every year. The algorithms are changing much faster making it harder to rank small businesses.

  1. Establishing a one company channel:

Many small businesses have to invest in multiple channels to reach their target audiences. Nowadays a single company channel is not sufficient to bring in desired traffic. For example Dropbox tried to take over Google Adwords that cost from $200 to $300. Dropbox gave users the option to save larger files for $60 if more friends were invited to join the service. Users disregard the importance of  invites to Dropbox. The most helpful digital marketing tip for small businesses is to have multiple sources of company channels.

  1. Blogging will not remain the same as in 2020


Google will have enough topics in its library on every subject and it will be harder to rank articles. Digital marketing such as SEO will not favour blogs with the same content.  Small businesses will need to focus on remarkable content that is distinctive to competitors to rank higher in search results.

Businesses need to focus on video and audio search engines such YouTube and iTunes instead of Google  as this the future of digital marketing and will help with remarkable internet success.

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Written by Marie

Hi everyone, Welcome and thank you for visiting my little blog. I have been trying online venture since last year and learning new things every day about the World Wide Web. Isn’t it amazing, there is so much to learn but I feel like I do not have enough years of my life to learn everything. Time is like sand and I am running after it. 2020 has changed so many perspectives for so many people about how to earn a living and luckily this pandemic has opened many doors of opportunities. To be honest I have been unemployed since 3 years and started to search the internet for jobs. Opportunities that were always there but some people like me did know about them for example freelancing, blogging and many more. Please stay connected to follow my journey as a new beginner of this online world🌏✏️📚

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