What is 10 tips for successful studies

What is 10 tips for successful studies

However, it is often difficult to know on which foot to dance. The editorial staff gives you tips and advice on how to succeed in your studies while keeping a good balance between feasting and seriously burning.

1. Organization:

The keyword is organization. Everything will be much easier if you are a minimum organized. We all know the concept of “working in a hurry”, but at University, it is difficult to get started the day before for the next day. That’s why you have to set goals. Splitting up your work time also allows you to take full advantage of student life without stress.

2. Abbreviate your notes:

Note-taking is important, even essential. Of course, it hurts your wrist less during class, but above all it allows you to revise more quickly. A fully written course will take twice as long to proofread. Whereas if you took notes, then proofreading will be clearer and faster.

3. Be diligent

Yes, yes, we know…skipping school is tempting, everyone wants to experience it. But drying up is above all a gaping hole in your notes, and a delay in your schedule. Being diligent means understanding your lessons more quickly, and it allows you not to waste time looking for the different information that you may have missed.

4. Make index cards

We can say what we want, schematize, write keywords, or synthesize a plan help to revise. Just go back to your notes from the day and scribble what you remember. The cards are a valuable time saver for your future revisions!

5. Shot Gun in the amphitheater!

As in a car, space in an amphitheater is vital. Neither first nor last. It’s all about strategy! The first rank means being in the crosshairs of your teacher, you never know, it is better to prefer the third or fourth rank to avoid any questions to which you would not have the answer! Also, avoid the back of the amphitheater, you can’t hear very well and the temptation to take part in other people’s discussions is great.

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6. Group work

Your peers are essential to your success. Find people you can trust. Working in a group makes it easier to assimilate the lessons. Helping and motivating others will ensure you get good revisions. And sharing the same anxieties is a big advantage

7. The University Library

The BU is your ally! It imposes a certain rigor and concentration. It is a place conducive to your success. It is a quiet place, with a Wifi connection, and hundreds or even thousands of books if needed.

8. A healthy lifestyle

And yes, the annoying subject. Healthy is very important for students. Doing a little sport allows you to decompress, to evacuate stress. Good muscle fatigue is good for morale! When it comes to diet, treat yourself! When you’re a student, it’s important to eat well but also to enjoy yourself. Be careful not to eat pizza and kebab every day of course!

9. Overcome fatigue

Fatigue will probably be your worst enemy throughout your years of study. Between the drunken evenings, the days filled with lessons and revisions, it is difficult to find a suitable sleep rhythm. In addition to breaking you in two, fatigue is your memory’s worst enemy. The more tired you are, the slower your brain spins. Also, avoid too much coffee, the backlash can be fatal. To fall into the arms of Morpheus, there’s nothing like a good jog.

10. Do as you feel!

And yes, the editorial advice is good to take and comes from our own experiences, but each student has their own pace. Being a student is also that: discovering for yourself the joys and difficulties of everyday life.

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Written by sajida parveen

What is technological education?

Technology education is, quite simply, the study of technology in the same way that arts education is the study of art and English education is the study of the English language. It usually consists of a theoretical study as well as an understanding of the historical context of technological advancements so that students have an in-depth view of how technology has evolved and developed.
  This type of course also typically involves hands-on knowledge, allowing students to interact and develop technology to better understand the principles behind what they are learning. The teaching of technology as its own field apart from general scientific research is a fairly recent field of study,
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