Five Tips For Staying Positive

Have you ever come across a time in your life when you lost all the interest in this world? Do you ever forget how to stay positive? You feel lonely, and your problems seem never-ending? If yes, then this was the tough time of your life. It was a time when negative thoughts fill up your mind. Dreadful questions full of negativity like these haunt your striving souls. Why does this always happen to me? There is no way out of it? These problems are everlasting! I cannot do anything! My life is hell! I am a useless person!

When you put your stress and worries in front of somebody, then most people would advise you:

Stay positive! Be positive!

We hear a phrase now and then. However, do you know this single phrase is not just a group of a few words?

Unbelievably, it is lifesaving medicine!

Staying positive does not always mean you should be smiling and laughing every time and showing no concern about your problems. It does not mean letting go of your worries. It means finding a solution to your problem. Due to the pandemic and lockdown, the world has witnessed a sudden spike in cases of depression. Humans are in a dire need of some positivity.

We have to be positive because we cannot survive without it.

In this blog, I have tried to share some of my tips for staying positive that are quick in effect. What is better is that these tips are everlasting and easy-to-use!


Nothing good ever happens with me! My life is full of worries!

 There is no denying the fact that man is ungrateful. He is never satisfied with what he has and always demands more luxuries. One of the most prominent signs of ungrateful humans is that they want more wealth, more happiness, and more peace. In the race of earning extravaganza needs of life, they forget the importance of the beautiful gifts they already have. Which are in the shape of family, friends, health, nature, food, and shelter? I do not say they have all these blessings, but I believe they for sure have one or even two of these.

What I think is:

To stay positive, we must be grateful towards humans and their small acts of kindness.

In short, a simple formula for gratitude is that even in the worst of times, you still have something, which you can count as a blessing for you and can help you to stay positive. For example, so what if one does not have a grand, magnificent palace? You still have a roof to cover the head, unlike those 150 million people in the world who are shelterless and are in extreme need of a single roof to cover their heads.


I have nothing to be happy for in this world!

They say little drops of water make a mighty ocean in the same way; little acts of kindness help you stay positive. You can always find a positive aspect in every situation if you start embracing small events of happiness in your life, be it wearing new attire, or eating your favorite homemade dish in the sweet hands of your mother. These tiny moments, if cherished, can drastically change your life and can be one of the best tips for staying positive.


 You are a loser because you cannot do anything!

Your environment at large and the people you surround yourself with withholding extreme importance in your life. Do you want to know why?  It is because this world is full of types of people, the negative and the positive. Remember, not all your friends are necessarily true to you by heart. There are chances that a few of them could be black sheep. Stay away from such people who are habitual of finding wrong in every right, no matter how small the shortcoming is. They are always there to demotivate you and to make a mountain of a molehill. Look out for people around you who stay positive and know the essentials ways to stay positive in life. You will always find a blooming flower among the dull weeds.


I do not know why I am feeling angry all of a sudden!

Do you feel “hangry” when your dinner is late? When your mind is full of negativity and frustration, do you find yourself reaching out for snacks, perhaps? If your answer is yes, you are not alone because many of us find ourselves striving to boost our mood with a sugar hit. It is indeed a proven fact that food influences our mental wellbeing. If you want to stay positive, then quickly go to your kitchen, prepare your favorite meal, and eat it. It is as easy as blinking your eyes. Always eat what makes you happy because it improves your mental health, which results in a positive approach of an individual towards life.


Nobody talks to me!

Do you have ever imagine how it feels when you are lonely in this world? When you’re looking for someone to lend his or her shoulders for you to cry? Do you wait for somebody with whom you can speak your heart out? Is not it feels awful when you have no ears to listen to your side of the story? So from now onwards, promise yourself that whenever you will find somebody down or depressed, you will talk to him or her, soothe him or her, and will try to make him or her happy. Trust me, once you adopt this hack, the happiness you will get is beyond imaginary, no doubt why it is the best way to stay positive. They say what goes around comes around, and then if you will do well to someone, it will come back to you. Start living for others. Try to help the ones in need. Begin to spread smiles because the happiness you get by exchanging smiles is something that has no replacement.


So, my readers, nobody can claim that our life is stress-free. Because at some stage of life, we do face few difficulties, and at moments life takes such a crucial turn that we feel helpless. In those dreadful moments, keep calm, relax, and follow these tips. We all must pull ourselves out of misery and depression.

Trust me; being negative will lead you nowhere. Hence, if you desire better physiological and physical health, then do not waste a minute applying these life-changing tips in your life!

And make your life easier and happier!

Do you relate to the tips I mentioned?

If yes, then what are your unique tips for staying positive?

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What do you think?

Written by Rumasha


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