Life Is A Chess Game.

life is a chess game

Life is chess, chess is a game, the game is an art, art is for an artist, the artist is an actor, the actor is on stage, the stage is the world, and the world is a chessboard! Life is a game of chess that we all are playing. There is indeed some resemblance between our lives and chess. Want to know how? Read on further.

1. In a chess game, you cannot just rely on your luck to win. Instead, you should have a proper STRATEGY. In life, also you need perfect planning and strategy to execute your plan and dreams.

2. You have to make a move in a chess game, in life; you cannot wait for miracles to happen. Once strategized, you have to move and work to make that happen.

3. In a chess game, once your focus is lost, the game is over. In life also, you have to focus on your goals, your aims, and your plans. To make things go smoothly, you have to remain focused on your goals and avoid the naysayers.


The moment I opened the letter, I gave out a scream. Tears filled out my eyes in happiness. The words written in that letter were smiling at me. A stranger heard me gasping loudly and stopped, and stare at me for good around 10 seconds. Before he could say, I took the lead and told him the reason behind being over-excited. I was thrilled because it was summer, and for the first time, I was going as a Summer Camp Chess Assistant instructor for the police and chess-mentoring program. I was both excited and nervous because this was going to be my first ever experience in such an activity. This program gathers police officers with at-risk schoolchildren to teach chess and play together in schools, at organized tournaments. They are the kids having a higher probability of dropping out from schools or failing academically. After giving all the details about this program to that not-so-unknown stranger, I walked away thinking about all the fascinating experiences I am going to have. With lots of butterflies inside my stomach, I headed my way towards the camp.

I got the first surprise in just 15 minutes of reaching there when the Head instructor broke out the sad news of his mother’s demise due to the noble coronavirus. I was about to give my condolences to him when I got the 2nd shock in a total of just 20 minutes of reaching there! He informed me that I was to replace him as the lead instructor of the chess camp. Feeling privileged (and confused), I took this great responsibility of training 20 children who only had a fair bit of idea about just the spelling of CHESS!

During my first session, all the twenty students were giving me looks as if I was a monster speaking Einstein’s language. That was the time when I realized that if I directly ask them to learn how to play chess; they would never show interest in it, no matter how hard I hit my head in the wall. I started interacting with the newbies;

I randomly called out a boy named Michael and asked him: So how do you define chess?

His reply shocked me completely, he said:

Sir, in my opinion, Chess is a game of Brainiac and nerds who have a higher Intelligence quotient.

After hearing his hilarious definition, all the other nineteens broke out in silent laughter.

I asked him: Do not you have a higher IQ level?

He answered: Sir, higher IQs only belong to those bookworms who have no other work than to study and read books all the time. Thankfully, I have no germs like this. Therefore, I have a low IQ, and because of that, I made a unique record!

I asked Michael: So what was that unique record? The moment he opened his mouth to speak, the wink on his face told me that he does not intend to answer it seriously. He said: Sir, I made a unique record because of which I am the only student in our team to fail thrice in the same paper in the same year and with the same teacher. Of course, my low IQ level is to be blamed and not me!

This time around, the spectators failed to restrain themselves as the whole crowd burst into laughter. This answer by Michael made me realize that if I want to teach them, I have to sing the same song as them, but the lyrics would be mine!

An idea came up to my mind and, I exclaimed- Oh, gave me a hi-fi! I also failed thrice in my same papers Michael. You are just like me!

As soon as I finished my sentence, I saw a drastic change of events. A few seconds ago, laughing their heart out children, were now silent in utmost shock. Even the other three police officers were giving me the looks as if I was speaking nuisance.

Taking the momentum in my hands, I continued:

I also failed thrice because of my low IQ like you. However, do you know then, I did something with myself, and my IQ level drastically increased making, me intelligent?

Michael asked:- Sir,  really, what was that one thing? 

I answered:

 That one thing was nothing else but playing chess! Dear students, you all think that chess is a game of genius only with a high IQ level. Nevertheless, I must say to you all that you are thinking wrong. Scientifically proven, that a study of 4,000 children, also students like you, produced significant rises in the IQ score of both boys and girls after four months of playing chess. If you do not believe me, google it yourself!

Saying this, I felt a sense of relief in me, seeing that I have finally won the confidence of those kids. Thanks to Google!

Michael was the first one to spoke up:  Sir, then please teach me chess. I would learn it because I am tired of failing, repeatedly. I want to succeed.

I was waiting for these lines. The days passed as I instructed them on the basics using the associative learning method between chess and life.

On the last day, I asked Michael: So, what was the one thing you learned in this camp due to playing chess?

He answered: Sir, I do not know how, but since I started playing chess, gradually my memory is improving. I learn my lessons in a very short time. I am somewhat confused about how this magic happened!

I smiled as I was expecting something like this. Of course, you cannot expect a simple statement from a kid like Michael! I spoke:

 Little gentlemen, it is because chess is a great educational tool for students, a two-year study in 1985 showed that young students who regularly play chess tend to develop a better memory.

I asked the same question from Lee the angriest boy in the camp, however, his answer completely shocked me.

 He said: Sir, playing chess helped me to be calm under pressure and control my anger. and guess what, this is also because of chess. As numerous studies held in the USA showed that: Playing chess sharpens a human’s ability to focus and improve concentration skills.

I was really impressed by this piece of news from him. This way, after a lot of preaching and teaching, the summer camp ended. I knew I have been successful in making the least difference in those children’s lives. No doubt, why they regard me as their favorite instructor to date!

So my readers, a bit tricky a bit easy this how life is, a game of chess. All you need is a bit of focus, concentration skills, and sharp memory. Then in both chess and in life, you will be the ultimate winner!

 Do you agree with my point, life is a chess game?

If yes, then how do you relate chess and life?

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Written by Rumasha


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