Why is Your URL Not on Google? Why Your URL Not Indexing on Google? Easy Ways to Get Your URL Indexe

How to Index Your URL on Google Fast?

The biggest problem bloggers have is that their URL is not indexed on Google or URL is not on Google, which is why everyone gets upset. And that’s why they either sell their domain or they expire their website. There is no benefit in Selling or expiring the domain, but if they are successful in blogging, they can benefit greatly. So in this blog, I have given you a complete solution by which you can avoid huge losses and your URL will be indexed on Google. And when your URL is indexed on Google, you will not only lose but also gain a lot, I have told you all the details.

Steps Must Need To Follow To Getting Index on Google

Why is Your URL Not on Google?

You have to follow a few steps, the last of which is very important. All the details you will find below:

  1.  The first thing is that the blog you have should be your own, not someone else’s blog should be copied and pasted. Your URL will never be indexed and your website may be blocked by Google which will cause you even more harm and you will not be able to sell the domain. Will be able to do and will not be able to earn from it. So it is better to write your own post and then post it on your blog. This means that you will not have any problem with indexing and very soon your URL will be indexed on Google. But if you want to make copy-paste work, even after using an article spinner or an article rewriter, you have to change it a lot so that the URL you have is quickly indexed on Google.
  2.  The second thing is that the SEO of your post should do well and then use good images related to your post. This will make your article very unique and your URL will not have a problem with being indexed on Google.
  3. The third and most important thing is that you have to write and edit the post in MS Word. All you have to do is for example if you have to give a big siding if you have to change the background of a word, If something is important to you, you have to highlight it boldly, Or you have to make a button and do a lot of editing along with it, all you have to do is MS Word. Then you have to copy the post from there and you have to paste your post on Blogger or WordPress and then you have to use an image on it and you need to do SEO properly like titles, descriptions, and custom URLs that you have to create then you have to publish your post then your URL will be easily indexed on google.

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So viewers today we just had to tell you guys how you can easily index your URL on google.

Hope everybody on this site also had a great day. If you still have a question or a problem that has not been resolved, you can contact us by commenting. We will try our best to answer you.

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