What is feminism? History and kinds

What is feminism? History and kinds

Feminism is a broad term that can be used to describe many different views on the theory or nature of gender. There are two types of feminism, namely Marxist and feminist of modernity. Feminist Marxists believe that social class, in addition to its relation to other forms of social power, has some sort of relationship with identity. This is known as Marxism.

But there are also a few feminists who believe that sexual oppression exists and that it should be fought against. Therefore, this paper aims to explore those views of feminism to not only identify them but also compare them, and finally conclude that both these views have their advantages and disadvantages.

Kinds of feminism

Liberal feminism
Radial feminism
Post modernist feminism
Other types include:
cultural feminism
Marxist Feminism

A Brief History of Feminism

First Wave 1800- 1900 promoting women right to vote
Second Wave  1960 social equality for women
Third Wave  focusses on individuality and diversity
Fourth Wave 2012, Used social media to combat sexual harassment and rape culture.

History of feminism

In 1848 French philosopher Auguste Comte argued that women were not equal to men. He called this system of inequality patriarchal (transitive) to distinguish it from the one that was based on sex. This political idea was used by feminist writers and activists like Susan Baxendale, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Virginia Woolf to explain women’s oppression in society.

They came up with several theories to prove that women were oppressed and were treated unequally. One of them that they called an “ideology of female inferiority” was founded by feminist theorist, Mary Daly. The most famous feminists like her are known for such things as Simone de Beauvoir, Betty Friedan, Dorothy Parker, and Charlotte Gilman. According to them, women were oppressed because of how they wore their dresses, the kind of cooking they did, their hobbies, etc… This was until recently when more women began wearing skirts and skirts and so did men.

We cannot forget too that even nowadays, women continue to be oppressed, and we do so to different degrees. These groups of feminists had something in common but this time they focused more on the type of oppression. This time they wanted to explain it. So that they proposed a new ideology that women are oppressed because of their sexuality, instead of being oppressed because of their relations with men. Because women had a more important kind than men. Their interests were much greater because of this, they claimed that they want to be able to be more autonomous and independent.

Men also needed to understand that women had some desires that they should follow or even be able to satisfy themselves. To make a woman realize this, male feminists tried to put into women’s lives the same images that made women feel inferior, like that of men.

When it comes to physical beauty, feminist philosophers believe that women are very beautiful and women feel self-hatred if they are not perceived as beautiful. And that was the point of feminist thinkers: to try to understand why was it that women were not perceived as beautiful. They thought that women were oppressed because they were too beautiful.

However, they did not think that this was the reason in itself. Some men in society even began to see females as beautiful. Even though some men did perceive females as physically attractive, they were not happy. They thought that being perceived as physically beautiful would turn women into more masculine. It happened in societies of countries like America where males could not be seen as weak men.


This belief that males were strong was another aspect of male inferiority. Many feminists had this idea: that if males were perceived as powerful and authoritative men, if they were seen as females with a higher level of self-esteem, then surely women were also perceived as stronger than men.

What this ideology meant was that women were more likely to be perceived as powerful than men and therefore more confident. In the past, there were a certain group of people who argued that all of the physical features of women were superficial. In modern times, however, even women with these physical characteristics were not perceived as powerful.

Nowadays, men can be taught that a girl with long legs, high cheekbones, big breasts, and lots of curves is often considered a slut. If a man has a penis, a woman from the West can be seen as sexy by the public. Women from Africa are considered as having lots of breasts. And since it became fashionable to go out to parties, they can get jobs in the Western world. They can also become successful business partners. All these things may seem to show that women are no longer regarded as the weaker type.

This fact remains true even now. But since there are more opportunities today, women can change this perception. For example, a waitress at a restaurant can go out to a party and wear short skirts, which will allow her to show off her body as much as she wishes to. This action will give her confidence even if she does not know anything else about herself. Not everyone has this knowledge today. Still, many things can be changed, if a person wants to.

Being young people in the modern world means that you need to be capable of changing your mind and changing your life. You probably can’t do that by just saying, “I want to do everything I can.” I agree that you cannot always be good at everything. But, what is also worth mentioning is the difference between children. Children are aware of the world, of others, their parents, and the society in which they live.

People grow up without thinking about their future and they think only things like, “I want to be successful and respected”. As humans, we are social beings. We are born alone and we are brought up together. Our experiences with each other affect our thoughts and our actions.

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Everyone thinks in terms of our family, friends, our school. We are influenced by events and society and our experiences have a great impact on us. We are constantly growing and transforming. No one lives an ordinary life, nor just their dreams. That is why we act according to what we perceive as appropriate for ourselves. Society has a profound impact on us. And we have to accept it and recognize it, accept it as it is.

When talking about changing, it is really difficult to decide what to do. In many cases, you see people change. Sometimes you are surprised because it’s not what you expected. But as soon as you know the reasons behind this change, you don’t change one bit, because you know that you already know the things people can do and things you can’t. You see people change in schools.

How people see and behave. Often you see changes in people when they discover that someone is gay. Maybe they were scared to tell people because for some reason they weren’t aware. Some people are going through a lot and their friends do not want them to hide any part of the story. The same thing happens to those who discover their sexuality, they want them to stay hidden.

Those who have been bullied for being sexual, because they haven’t been used to it. Even if they know what they have to do, they don’t want others to judge them. Why? Probably because they just like to be accepted. We have to accept change for what it is, a process of evolution that never stops.

When you see somebody changing, when you hear about it, it is easy for you to consider that person as making progress. Since people have different perspectives, they may even do things differently than they have before. Let’s say another person discovers his or her sexuality after a serious accident when he or she knows it. Who knows what happens next? Of course, he or she might change.

And maybe it’s because of the way he or she sees himself or herself. But this is not just another case. More and more people are becoming homosexual, bisexual, and transgender. People who did not consider their sexuality normal will change a bit because they have discovered they aren’t what society told them they should be.

This is just one example, Human beings are different. People change, people, move forward. People change because they have to do so. After all, society doesn’t allow them to stay stable, people change when they discover that they don’t belong, but society believes that they should be changeable because they cannot stay the same. There is nothing wrong with that. Just like they are not static – they change – but they are evolving. Humanity is not homogenous, people are different.

The changes in humanity are part of human evolution. By doing this, we should learn to respect each other and show the differences in people instead of trying to destroy them. Change, development, and evolution are essential parts of our history. These concepts are used to describe and explain our behavior and this makes human beings evolve. People should take responsibility and respect people they don’t respect because they have nothing against them. If someone was truly sorry for what he or she has done to someone, he or she should not be punished, as punishment is the opposite of love and kindness.

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Love isn’t enough to make us feel good and we should respect people regardless of the way the person behaves. The world cannot exist without us, without us people will not enjoy living in it. Humans are driven by our needs and demands. Everything around us is a result of interactions with people. With interaction, people have created a network of relationships all over the planet.

Humans have an instinct to defend themselves and to protect themselves against the rest, trying to control relationships and protect their rights. Our instincts make it possible for us to control other people and protect them. Yet with it comes responsibility. We should know what our role is in society, respect people and treat them with dignity and respect. We shouldn’t expect to be liked and we should take responsibility for our mistakes. So that we do not kill off people or try to control others. We should learn to enjoy spending time with individuals who like us, with whom we feel good, and with whom we feel that we can make a difference. At last, it is good to respect and show people we are capable to change our minds, to be open to change.

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