The influence of sleep on concentration

influence of sleep on concentration

How does sleep improve concentration?

You have certainly already experienced this… Lack of sleep has a strong impact on your ability to concentrate. It only takes one bad night for you to feel like thinking logically is an insurmountable obstacle. Indeed, when you lack sleep, it is common for you to accomplish all your missions with more difficulty, both at work and in your private life.

How to explain this? And especially how to act to re-soothe your sleep and succeed in stimulating your concentration? We will explain everything to you!

Lack of sleep is the enemy of your concentration

Mental fatigue leads to a consequent decrease in concentration, as well as impaired vigilance. Indeed, sleeping well does not only help your body regain its tone. It also helps your brain cells to regenerate. Sleep allows your brain to sort, analyze and organize the information it has received during the day.

sleep and memory

This is how your memory is consolidated: you store essential data and eliminate information that is not useful to you (like the color of the bus driver’s shirt, for example).

And it is this brain purification work that will have an impact on your concentration the next day. Perfectly cleansed thanks to restorative sleep, your brain is ready to integrate new knowledge. By sleeping, you improve your brain faculties and strengthen the connections between neurons.

How does the lack of sleep affect your mood?

Conversely, lack of sleep takes a toll on your mental health, degrading your mood and increasing your stress levels. Sleeping too little or having sleep disturbance leads to emotional hyperreactivity. It causes you to let anxieties take over, and hinders your concentration and your ability to think reasoned.

To succeed in concentrating on each of your daily activities, take care of your nights: they are the source of good mental health!

Sleep and concentration: ward off bad habits

To redouble your concentration and succeed in being truly productive, you must especially take care of your sleep. Your deep sleep and your paradoxical sleep are the two phases of your night that you must absolutely pamper if you want to watch over your brain, and enjoy a high level of concentration the next day.

To achieve this, it’s high time to ignore your bad habits…

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Bad eating habits

To boost your sleep, focus first on your bad eating habits … You have certainly heard that you should avoid consuming stimulants in the evening (coffee, sodas…). But did you also know that you should eat light at the end of the day? Not only to take care of your figure, but above all to digest more easily, and thus ward off problems of falling asleep. Consume foods rich in tryptophan, which will help you de-stress and produce the sleep hormone. Thus, salmon, tuna, sardines, bananas, artichokes, watercress, spinach, pumpkin or even avocados will put you in perfect condition to succeed in enhancing the quality of your nights!

The hostile sleeping environment

Often, before looking at the subject of sleep itself, we do not particularly realize that our sleeping environment is not precisely conducive to beautiful and sweet nights. However, you will see that you certainly have something to do so that your bedroom takes care of your deep sleep properly  ! 😴

First of all, make sure that the temperature does not exceed 19 degrees, and that no light or sound disturbance comes to hinder the tranquility of your night. Add blackout curtains to create a really dark space. And if you live in a busy neighborhood, earplugs will be your friend.

On the decoration side, no flashy colors: rather opt for pastel or warm colors. Your furniture should not be too bulky, to let you enjoy an airy space and benefit from a peaceful sleep.

Of course, to improve the quality of sleep, you will also have to act on your bedding! Your pillow should bring you all the softness and rest you need. To improve your concentration the next day, sleeping on a comfortable and cozy Health pillow is the biggest secret. But be careful not to choose it haphazardly: to do well, you will make sure to opt for a pillow that soothes your neck by allowing them to relax completely.

In addition, your pillow must be perfectly adapted to your morphology, your possible health problems, and your sleeping position. To act quickly, take this 8-question test, it will guide you to the ideal pillow for you, and just for you! 😌


Sleep and concentration are strongly linked: to succeed in being efficient and productive on a daily basis, take the time to test these keys that will help you sleep better, and longer!

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