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You will be shocked to learn that now you can obtain the reliable treatment of Hymenoplasty in Vizag at a very affordable price from VJ’s Transgender Clinic. This center is one of the most certified and pinion in advanced technology and provides all kinds of Transgender Surgery.

Do You Know That You Can Be A Virgin Again?

Dr C Vijay Kumar felt the need of bringing hymenoplasty in Vizag for those girls who need to prove their virginity on their first nights.

How Does Hymen Break?

The hymen is a human tissue that covers the vaginal opening either partially or completely. When a woman does sex for the first time, her hymen breaks owing to the repetitive penetration act.

But! But! But!

Hymen can also break if the woman has ever remained an athlete and has done the aggressive kind of the sporting activities like:

  • Strenuous Athletics
  • Horseback
  • Bicycle Riding

Your Gynaecological Needs Can Also Break It

  • If a gynaecological examination is done with
    • speculum
    • Gloved Finger
  • Placement of Tampon into the vagina

Myth and Fact

Myth Fact
Hymen is an impenetrable seal since birthHymen is NOT an impenetrable seal


If hymen would have been impenetrable, how come your menstrual flow reaches your sanitary pad?

Did you know?

Is the first sexual encounter always painful and bloody?


How Is Hymenoplasty Done?

This procedure is performed by administering the patient with local anaesthesia. It is an outpatient procedure which means the patient can go home the same day after the procedure is completed.

For carrying out hymen repair in Visakhapatnam, the doctor, first of all, ensures that there is no torn skin around the edges by cutting the same with extreme precision, gentleness and neatness.

Once done with cutting, the remaining tissue of the hymen is stitched back by leaving a small opening. With this, the hymenal ring is restored which does have a normal size and shape.

What If The Skin Around The Hymen Is Not Present?

In that case, the doctor will perform the Hymen Restructuring Andhra Pradesh by using either the vaginal mucosa or synthetic tissue.

What Is The Cost?

The hymenoplasty cost will vary from INR 15,000 to 20,000.

How Long Can The Surgery Last?

Hymenoplasty at VJs Transgender Clinic will not last more than 2 hours.

How Much Time Does It Take For The Patient To Get Recovered?

Since it is a clinical procedure that does not require you to stay in the hospital overnight, the women can enjoy the benefit of returning to work the next day.

But! We do suggest she take 2 to 3 days off from work to make sure she is taking good care of herself.

Please Avoid!

Dr C Vijay Kumar instructs to avoid the following:

  • Doing any heavy weight lifting activity
  • Doing any exertion causing activity

Duration Of The Full Healing

For the vagina to get fully healed, it may take around six weeks. After this period you will not leave with any visible sign of the surgery.

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