Changes in Digital Marketing

In the 21st century, and especially during this pandemic period of time everyone is struggling to find a way to earn a decent amount of income.  Almost all businesses moving offline to online and they need to advertise their products and services on digital platforms.

It’s a known fact that change is inevitable in all kinds of jobs but digital marketing is going to change drastically in the future. These changes will not be liked by most people. The reason why digital marketing will change is innovation in technology and the scaturient of the web is also a reason for the changes because there is one website for every four individuals in the world.

Digital marketing will change in the following ways in the future.

Voice search

It’s 2020 now and we are all familiar with voice search and we use it in our daily routine, such as WhatsApp voice notes, google voice search or Alexa, Siri, Amazon echo etc. According to experts, voice search will be increased in the future.

Voice search prioritizes the semantics of the search queries. This will affect Digital marketing and digital marketers have to reevaluate their keywords used in the content and overall marketing strategy.


Neuromarketing uses brain-scanning technology. This marketing trend isn’t upon us yet but it is becoming a valuable tool for marketers to use in the very near future.

It will be used to observe how people react to product design, an advertisement, packaging design etc. According to the results of the scans, marketers will improve their content and marketing strategy.

Chatbots on websites


Chatbots are not really new now and they are widely used by many businesses. They will continually play an important role in digital marketing. According to many surveys, 80% of businesses want chatbots and by 2022, chatbots will help businesses to save 8 billion every year. If you look at the customer’s point of view people find it easier to interact with chatbots because they are responsive 24/7, they don’t lose patience and they give accurate answers.

Google Gallery Ads

Google has launched gallery ads in early 2020. They are going to change the direction of digital marketing. As we are human and we are visual creatures, images are vital in marketing they attract more audience. Google Gallery Ads are equivalent to Facebook carousel ads. These ads will only appear on mobile devices. So, when someone will search for your product /services you will be able to show up to 8 images with a description and headline, it will appear in an eye-catchy Advertisement. It will be good news for those e-businesses who rely on visually appealing images so they might convert their potential customers into exciting customers.

High-quality content

In near future, Google will have no shortage of content. As everybody is producing high-quality content. Google won’t like the repetition of the content it will only rank those blogs or articles which are unique and provide information that is not seen by anyone. So, it will be tough competition for digital marketers. They will struggle to find SEO-friendly keywords which are recognized by google.


Artificial Intelligence & Automation

AI is becoming dominant in the business industry in such a short time. It has already taken over many jobs such as communication, email personalisation, product recommendation and many more will be gone in the future. Because it’s getting advanced day by day. Its really important for all industries but especially for digital marketers to become familiar with AI and start implementing it in their daily tasks.

So, as a digital marketer make sure you are keeping yourself up to date with the latest technology and trends to keep yourself in the game. Otherwise, we all know how Nokia got out of the game, just because they didn’t innovate and couldn’t compete with other companies.

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Written by Javeria Batool

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