Overcoming anxiety and living a happy, stress-free life

During this pandemic situation, staying happy and stress-free has become a struggle. Having anxiety for a long time turns into depression which leads a person to suicide. According to WHO(World Health Organization), the suicide rate has been increased by 60% in the last 45 years worldwide. WHO reported that in 2016, there was a large number of young people aged between 10-29 years suicided. The following graph shows the exact number.

Why do People commit suicide?

Now, let us take a look at why do people commit suicide, or what are the reasons that lead them to suicide. There are many main reasons which lead a person to commit suicide some of them are described below.

Mental Illness

Many people attempt to commit suicide due to mental illness. Severe depression is one of the major mental illness that leads a person the suicide. Depression makes a person feel great emotional pain and loss of hope, which makes them unable to see any other way to relieve pain other than taking their own life.

Other mental illnesses that increase the risk of suicide include:

  1. Bipolar
  2. Anxiety Disorder
  3. Eating Disorder
  4. Personality Disorder
  5. Psychotic Disorder

Traumatic Stress

A person who has had traumatic experiences which are childhood sexual abuse, rape, physical abuse, or war trauma, has a greater risk of committing suicide, even many years after that trauma had happened.

Substance Use and Impulsivity

Drugs and alcohol also influence a person who is feeling suicidal by making them more impulsive and they are likely to act upon their urges than they would be while they are sober. Substance and alcohol use can also contribute to other reasons people commit suicide, such as the loss of jobs and relationships.

The rates of substance use and alcohol use disorder are also higher among people with depression and other psychological disorders. Put these together and the risks increase.

Loss or Fear of Loss

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Written by Ali Hassan

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