8 SEO Techniques To Increase Organic Traffic

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a collection of many techniques to boost website ranking. These techniques help to gain traffic and increase domain authority. Here I have discussed some important SEO techniques which may be helpful for you.

Local SEO

To promote local businesses, local SEO is the best way. At the local level, there are more chances for a business to rank. At the world level, you have to compete with other businesses and brands. It could be difficult to rank at the world level in beginning. Therefore, local SEO provides you the opportunity to rank at the local level and increase your brand awareness. For this purpose, you can add city names in title tags, meta-tags, URLs, and H1 headings.

Speeding up your website

To improve the SEO of your website, you need to optimize the speed of the website. This is the most important factor in ranking. People don’t like those websites whose website loading speed is low. A website with fast loading speed gets more traffic and a higher ranking. A slow-loading website receives a higher bounce rate which ultimately decreases the website ranking.

To increase website speed, you can reduce the image size and avoid the use of custom fonts. With better website speed, you can reduce the bounce rate to get a high ranking.

Optimized landing pages

The creation of a landing page is a long proven method to generate leads and conversion. If your landing page has an effective headline, interesting image, and call-to-action, you will get high traffic to your website. This is a very useful and easy SEO technique to get good results.

YouTube SEO

If your business or digital marketing strategy involves YouTube videos, you need to optimize them. The videos on YouTube get a much better ranking than on other platforms. You can optimize YouTube videos by adding catchy titles, useful descriptions, and interesting thumbnails. They all contribute to making your video more visible. In the end, you will get high traffic on your website.

Guest Posting

Some people think that guest posting is a waste of time. They think guest posting is dead and not useful for SEO purposes. But in reality, they are wrong. Guest posting has a great influence on your site’s ranking.

In the guest posting, you post articles and blogs on other websites and get a backlink in return. In this way, your content achieves a broad audience. Guest posting may be free or paid. Some website allows writers to submit their articles for free. You can also allow others to post their content on your website. In this way, you will get a lot of traffic from different sources. People who will like content may become regular visitors to your website.

Mobile SEO

We know that currently, mobile users are more than desktop users. Therefore, the websites should be mobile optimized for digital marketing purposes. More than half of the organic traffic on the internet comes from mobiles. These numbers are increasing every year. So, digital marketers need to make sure that their websites are responsive on mobiles.

Keyword research

A keyword is the foundation of search engine optimization from the first day. Now, keyword research has become the part of SEO as well as linked with optimization. Keywords research is an important component of digital marketing. Currently, the trend for ranking has changed. These days, search engines rank websites on the basis of those keywords which has high search volume. This is the best point for digital marketers which can help to rank websites. Content writers focus on keywords while writing content for websites. Some SEO tools are used for keyword research like Ahreff, SemRush, and Google keyword planner.

Creating high-quality content

Content is king and always a king because without high-quality content your website is incomplete. According to Google, high-quality content is the main ranking factor. It is important for digital marketers because businesses need campaigns based on content. Anything less would make it a target for penalties by Google and no digital marketers worth their salt will ever want that. SEO writing is very important for your website.

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Amir Javed is a digital marketer and founder of The Creative Article (a digital marketing company). Amir has more than 5 years of experience in content writing and link building. He has expertise in SEO, Keyword research, Link building, content writing, and Google Ads.

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