What kind of Printer Do you Need for Sublimation?

What kind of Printer Do you Need for Sublimation?

Sublimation printers Are you fond of printing your material by yourself? If so, it is more accessible with the latest printer inventions that make your art more attractive. Printing is an engaging activity that enables you to discover new designs on various materials like fabrics, cards, plastic, paper, etc.

By the process of sublimation printing, one can give style to its material. But there are various types of printers that are available in the market. The confusing question is that what kind of printer do you need for sublimation? After knowing the answer, users can perform the sublimation printing efficiently and professionally.

So for better performance in sublimation, the selection of the required printer is the primary factor. You can get your ideal printer information by reading this article till the end.

What is sublimation printing?

The word sublimation is changing substances from the solid phase to the gas phase directly without touching matter’s intermediate state (liquid). We can define the printing process as the step that requires putting the design on the specific transfer paper after this is shifted to the fabric by utilizing heat.

In sublimation printing, the work of dye ink is essential. It changes into gas in the presence of heat and is then embossed into the material.

Therefore, in this way, sublimation printing appears on the desired material. But to make this work ideally, there is a need to know what sublimation printer should be a good sublimation printer. When you get an exact idea about this point, you will get outstanding results in printing material by the sublimation process.

Kinds of Sublimation Printing

Sublimation is the complicated process in which artwork is shifted over the material in dye sublimation. The method is distinctive from other standard printing methods. For the sublimation printing, different materials used are

  • Fabric
  • Mugs
  • Hard paper
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Vinyl
  • Acrylic

The critical thing to know before printing is the coating. Materials should be explicitly coated for the sublimation printing. In sublimation printing, the well-known technique which is used is dye sublimation printing.

Dye-Sublimation Printing

Dye-sublimation printing is a modern printing method. Heat is used to shift the dye onto the objects like cards, plastic, fabric, or paper. For dye-sublimation printing, inkjet printer prints the virtual design or format transferred over the fabric via the heat press.

For the sublimation printing process following steps are the basic steps for the completion of the design.

  1. Sublimation ink
  2. Sublimation printer
  3. Transfer paper
  4. Heat press

In sublimation printing, the whole process is transparent and gives continuous results.

The dye-sub printing is also known as the digital printing method. A budget-friendly process is commonly used for designing banners, signs, mugs, plaques, etc.

This technique requires polyester-coated objects for printing purposes. To transfer the image into the paper, a heat press machine is required. This machine is a combination of temperature, time, and pressure.

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Ideal Printer for Sublimation

Exploring the best performance in sublimation printing is only possible with the ideal printer for the best outcomes.

In the market, numerous sublimation printers are available, having individual features and charges. So to select one, there is a need to have basic knowledge about all terms and conditions applicable in the sublimation printing process.

An ideal printer for sublimation creates a professional touch in your designs. Not this; anyone can enhance their skills by practicing with the standard printer in sublimation printing. Here is the list of top printer that meets your requirements in the sublimation.

  1. Sawgrass SG500

The most advanced printer is used explicitly for the sublimation printing process. It contains unique features with an exclusive design. It explores fascinating colors and runs with high connectivity. It is connected both with Ethernet, WI-Fi easily. Its printing speed is faster with accurate outcomes.

  1. Canon Selphy CP1300

Canon is a high-quality kind of printer with an ideal size. In the market, canon is available for dye-sublimation printing. The high-quality plastic material used for manufacturing makes it a durable device.

Advanced features and the superb connectivity of this device with dual options make it a user-friendly device. One can connect this device with Bluetooth, wi-fi, USB Flash drive, SDcard support quickly. It prints fascinating colors and gives a stunning performance in all aspects.

  1. Epson Workforce WF-7720

For the exponential performance in the sublimation printing, Epson Workforce is the right choice. It explores the massive variety of options for connectivity purposes. Users connect it with Ethernet, email print, Epson print, Android printing, USB, and wi-fi. In addition, it provides the required speed with professional image printing.

  1. Epson Express photo HD XP 15000

The Epson Express photo HD XP15000 is for getting great expression in the photo. Striking colors make it stand out in the printing business. It is all because of the addition of fascinating resolution.

The printing speed of this device is according to your choice. In which users can select the numerous options which are available for setting the speed level. Moreover, the way of connection is both wired and wireless options.

Point To Consider In Sublimation Printing

In the sublimation printing process, there is a need to consider some points.

  • For getting the ideal outcomes, use the bright colors of fabrics in the dye sublimation process. In other cases, use digital printing to print on dark colors.
  • Sublimation printing only is done on the coated objects.

Final words

Lead your printing passion at the higher stair by utilizing a good printer in the sublimation printing process. The common question from many users is what sublimation should be a good sublimation printer? To minimize this difficulty, there is a need to find a printer that provides the best sublimation printing.

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Written by Devin Driss

Sublimation printers are the latest technology machines that have overtaken the place of inkjet printers very quickly. As a result, the art of sublimation has revolutionized businesses being lucrative and entertaining. These printers are very utile to customize any object, including clothes, mugs, ceramics, and many other types. Further, these printers have excellent efficiency to scale up your business from home to office-based original clothes printing.
However, it is the first and core part to find the Best Sublimation Printer For Heat Transfer which directly has a remarkable effect on business productivity of any sort. Since each printer comes with specific quality, which depends on how well it will perform while customizing designs, printing them, and translating them over any object you want.

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