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As technologies are getting advanced, so the use of the internet is also is creating new opportunities for digital marketing(marketing through the internet). Digital marketing is changing because there is an adoption of a lot of new technologies.

Some ways through which digital marketing is going to change


It has been predicted that by the end of 2020, searching through voice search will be 50% of the searches, and it’s not about only the people will speak in microphone also 30% of the web browser would take place with a screen such as a google home can be used.

The complexity of algorithm updates:

There were 11,13 updates in 2016 and 2017 respectively. While in 2018 there had been 12 updates. These numbers of updates showing an average of 2 updates. As we all know that how fast technology is getting advanced the algorithms are getting more complex and harder.

Building a company of one channel:

When the practical concept of dropbox was introduced it tries to get traffic or users through google that range from 200$-300$ which cost dropbox around 60$. In this way, they have invited a lot of users, but nowadays most people usually ignore the updates. Now you have to adopt an omnichannel approach(a cross-channel content strategy that organizations use to improve their user experience).

Blogging won’t remain as strong:

This means as time passes google will have enough content they are having no shortage of content. Then google will not rank those websites having the same content while it will rank those having a unique blog post. such websites will be google friendly.

New search engines and New search types:

you also need to focus on less filtered platforms like youtube rather than just focusing on google.

Marketing funnels:

Until now, in your practical or professional life, you only have heard about the marketing funnel but you have never used them. It is not as simple as an e-mail sequence. The best way to generate more revenue and out of the existing customers, you are required to down-sell or upsell the visitors.also lead capturing will work best.

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