Colours: How different industries use colours differently

Colours are accountable for the visual information that the audience or the viewer receive from a logo, as each shade is supposed to evoke a psychological response that determines how our user sees it. With this in mind, businesses invest a huge amount of time, thought, effort, and money in deciding which colours would best represent them and the product or service they have to offer.

Colour is crucial! It goes without saying that when it comes to branding your company, appearance is important. Colours are crucial because they have a powerful effect on how clients perceive it and how a single colour can convey more than one distinct meaning. It may eventually affect whether or not they make a purchase. The challenge now is: How do you utilize it perfectly? How can one colour be used in two different industries?

So, here are a few colours, their significance and the sectors they are incorporated in:


In the automobile industry, silver is used more prominently as it conveys opulence and high-quality craftsmanship. In the automotive industry, red and blue are also popular hues. Red signifies machismo and power, while blue is intended to represent dependability & consistency.


When it comes to the Pharmaceutical industry, shades of green, orange, and blue act as a perfect dose of health, energy, and optimism.The colour blue signifies happiness. Meanwhile, the orange is supposed to be upbeat and energizing. Green represents wellness and good health.

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In the courier industry, colours like blue, red and orange are used to deliver the brand’s message or motto. Blue is used to add the shades of trust, stability and security. Red signifies determination and persistence, whereas orange brings in the affordability aspect.

Food and Beverages

The food and beverage industry is all about attention, health & wellness and freshness. That’s why colours like red, green, yellow and orange are majorly used by brands. Red is believed to stimulate hunger and it also helps in attention-grabbing, green is associated with freshness and health.

Colour may be a strong tool for guiding consumer perceptions of a business, but understanding how and why different colours are used can be difficult.

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