Bodyboarding and its advantages

What is Bodyboarding

 Bodyboarding is a water recreation wherein the surfer rides a bodyboard at the crest, face, and curl of a wave that is wearing the surfer in the direction of the shore. Bodyboarding is likewise called Boogie boarding because of the discovery of the “Boogie Board” via way of means of Tom Morey in 1971. The common bodyboard includes a short, square piece of hydrodynamic foam. Bodyboarders normally use swim fins for added propulsion and manipulation at the same time as driving a breaking wave.

Bodyboarding the Same as Surfing?

Although each sports activities are nearly identically performed, there’s a big distinction between browsing and bodyboarding. It is simply that the dissimilarities outweigh the sameness for that water-primarily based totally sports activities. But for now, allow us to recognition on how bodyboarding is just like the crowd’s favorite water sports activities browsing. The purpose of bodyboarding is similar to in browsing, that is to experience a wave continuously. Both riders use a board to catch and experience a wave again to the seashore shore. Balancing and turning competencies additionally play a vital function in driving a wave successfully. Riding both a bodyboard and a surfboard is constantly adrenaline-stuffed and thrilling in its personal way.

The Benefits of Surfing and Bodyboarding


Why do surfers have such a proper muscular definition? ‍Because they spend a median of 85% in their consultation paddling to attain the outdoor and be part of the line-up. Paddling strengthens the muscle tissues withinside the arms, the higher frame, and the chest, as does the pumping motion that allows surfers to arise on their boards. Finding their stability at the board additionally works the again muscle tissues and the stomach muscle tissues. The status function and the consistent look for stability additionally tone up the leg muscle tissues.  ‍You may have fun, exercising and toning up your muscle tissues, even as playing an experience of overall freedom at an equal time.

2. A Sport in Contact with Nature

DISCOVER THE BENEFITS OF THE NATURAL ELEMENTS‍The sea and seashores are herbal environments that are extremely useful to our bodies, with the aid of using actively assisting to paintings of all of the pressure and anxiety that we gather with inside the path of the year. Exposure to the solar and sea air has a high-quality effect on our fitness, our moods, and the exceptional of our sleep. By manner of example, foot barefoot on sand massages the entire foot arch, generating a sense of rest and wellness. When browsing and bodyboarding, the upward push and fall of the waves have a chilling impact on our bodies and assist to tone up our muscle tissues. ‍The oligo-elements, minerals, and bad ions found in seawater guard us in opposition to ear, nostril, and throat infections and colds, they ease up our breathing tract and nourish our skin.  In a few countries, docs may even prescribe browsing to save you cardio-vascular diseases, cancers, kind 2 diabetes, extra weight, pressure, and depression.

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Tips :

Why you should purchase a ‘proper’ bodyboard

Every 12 months our clients ask us what’s the distinction between reasonably-priced cut-price shop frame forums and ‘proper’ bodyboards just like the ones we promote from Atunas and Vision. The solution is this: Quality. You get what you pay for and that is apparent whilst shopping for bodyboards. A cut-price shop bodyboard has a polystyrene middle, just like the white stuff utilized in packaging for electric items, and it’s far commonly protected with a cloth or vinyl covering. If you’ve sold something that’s filled with polystyrene then you definitely understand the way it crumbles and leaves bits of itself everywhere, properly that’s the middle creation of maximum inexpensive bodyboards. They aren’t long-lasting and generally tend to crack below even small quantities of strain and specifically whilst wet.

A variety of newbie forums, Atunas 15 & 105, is crafted from extraordinarily long-lasting EVA foam. This form of foam is used notably in sports activities and water sports activities merchandise due to its low-temperature toughness, stress crack resistance, hot-soften adhesive water evidence properties, and resistance to UV radiation. It’s a super fabric for bodyboards and presents a reliable, robust bodyboard that you may go back to 12 months after 12 months on your wave adventures.

The intermediate variety of bodyboards in the shop, Vision Ignite, and Pro Channel Venom, permits the person to develop and enhance their skills. These are crafted from an XPS middle, maximum could have HDPE layer, a stiff ‘slick back’ layer on the lowest lowering resistance which permits the board to journey quicker over the wave and will increase maneuverability. There are different alternatives too consisting of the ‘HDPE + Mesh’, just like HDPE however with a woven fiber mesh embedded withinside the slick to present brought electricity and projection. Most of the intermediate degree forums feature ‘channels’, which are designed to present higher preserving electricity and manage withinside the turns. We desire you’re having a laugh on something form of a bodyboard you personal and that with this information, you’ll be capable of making an extra knowledgeable buy whilst making a decision to improve your board.

Happy Boarding!

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