Get Influential Know the Importance of Influencer Marketing

importance of influencer marketing

The Importance of Influencer Marketing increases, Ever since Television became the most important medium of advertising, brands have been roping celebrities to talk about their association with the brand. The most common choice was film and TV personalities or cricketers as cricket and movies are considered to be the most glamorous professions in India. All TV radio advertising agencies in Mumbai used to make and maintain strong connections with top actors in those days.

Importance of Influencer Marketing

In recent times, there is a new tribe of people who can draw public attention and increase the credibility of a brand or a service through their content- creation. These people are rightly termed as ‘Influencers’. Now every social media agency in Mumbai is keen to get associated with top influencers and having them on board has become an added feature of the best advertising agencies in Mumbai.

Greysell advertising Catapult Digital agency in Mumbai is known for its partnerships with all the top influencers who make an impact on their followers.

The role of digital media is changing the narrative

With the advent of digital media, the ‘celebrity status is no longer confined to the exciting professions of film and cricket. An ordinary person who has established a huge social media following by posting engaging content that can ‘influence’ the opinion of his followers can become an ‘influencer’. Their role in promoting brands, services, or campaigns is increasing with each passing day. All digital advertising media agencies in Mumbai recommend Influencer Marketing as one of the best content strategies.

Selection of right influencer

For a brand to reach and attract its target audience, it is important for it, to choose the right influencer. A blogger whose blogs on parenting are read widely by mothers; is the appropriate choice for a brand that is into kids’ clothes and apparel whereas an influencer who runs marathons is ideal for suggesting the right shoes, protein shakes, and other energy drinks. The influencer who is relevant to the brand or the service will draw the attention of first his followers and then the content will be widely shared by these followers. Especially for a new brand that finds it difficult to get the audience to like, share and comment on its social media posts, association with an influencer reaps huge dividends. When an influencer talks about the brand, the chances of engagement with the post increase multifold and it does not get lost in the content crowd.

Increased confidence with influencers

Influencers have already formed a rapport with their audience. People follow them because they resonate with their thought processes and value their opinions and experiences. In many cases, an influencer can be a better choice than someone from the film industry as influencers are perceived to be more genuine and real by their followers. When a brand or a service gets associated with the right influencer, it is bound to make an impact.

Enhanced SEO rankings and more sales

An influencer shares the website link of the product or the service in his post. This tends to direct more traffic to the brand’s website and improves its SEO rankings. Since the consumer has already read a good word about the brand, the chances of him making the purchase, increase tremendously. All website App design development agencies in Mumbai know the importance of SEO rankings. As a leading Google ad words digital agency in Mumbai, we especially suggest new brands choose Influencer Marketing as an effective and quick method to become popular.

An important way to revamp your content strategy

Creating User Generated Content is a growing trend on social media platforms. This is yet another reason that companies engage influencers who can share interesting content with their followers. This increases the reach of the brand and also helps in forming the required, public perception.

According to a report in 2018, influencer marketing was considered effective by 92% of people which is no mean feat. For any company looking to expand its audience, influencer marketing is indeed a great strategy.

Convinced about the benefits of Influencer Marketing right, if you have a product or a service and you want to make it well-known using influencer marketing, connect to the top Digital Online agency in Mumba, speak to Greysell Advertising Agency in Mumbai now!

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