Characteristics of a Organizational Leader

I was listening to one of the renowned Surgeon, Medical teacher and Trainer Professor Dr. Javed Iqbal who was explaining the characteristics of a good leader in organizations. I thought to summarize his thoughts in simpler and short words.

A Leader should know and care 4 types of needs of her/his subordinates.

Physical Needs (Physical Quotient [PQ])

The leader should know the physical needs of their subordinates which includes Leisure time, Proper Sleep, Proper Meal, comfortable place for living etc. If leader is not aware of these needs then she/she may not be able to get fruitful output.

Intellectual Needs (Intellectual Quotient [IQ])

A leader should know the Intellectual necessities of their subordinates which includes knowledge, skills and attitude. She/he should work on enhancing their knowledge during the process along with routine tasks. If the team is getting something new from knowledge or skills perspective she/he will do their best to deliver and will happily perform the duties.

Emotional Needs (Emotional Quotient [EQ])

A leader should show gratitude to the team as human nature needs appreciation, so a leader should also appreciate the team from time to time. A true leader gives credit to the team and a result give Insensitive, Trophies and awards to the team.

One other important quality of a leader is unconditional love, which motivates the team to go out of the way for the leader and organization.

Spiritual Needs (Spiritual Quotient [SQ])

If a leader wants their team to own there vision and legacy, and their team start thinking in the same direction as she/he is thinking, she/he needs to work on above PQ, IQ and EQ of the team.

I hope this short article will help you get an idea of how to become a good and successful leader. Any comments or feedback would be appreciated.

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