7 Alerts That You Should Know About Digital Marketing

As we are going deep in technology, new challenges are coming at the same speed. Some technologies become old and some old one is in trending with enhancement. My article has for those who have good earnings but won’t have an idea about future problems regarding Digital Marketing.

Need guideline?

Here you go!

  • Pick up your paper and pen and start writing about your niche.
  • Write the points from macro to micro items.
  • Choose an item one by one and search on Google, Google trends, etc to see their demand in last year’s. Now check the latest technology related to those items.
  • Would this item be replaced with new technology?
  • Analyze that item easiness, features, price, how many people are talking about etc.
  • Now predict the future. Rather than to talk about that item or sell that item in demanding time, start work on it. And drive your target audience towards your blog and website.

Let see some ALERTS:

Keyboard typing vs voice search

SEO experts claim that in future our preferences over voice searches will be increased as compared to keyboard typing. Young generations seek easiness while driving, swimming, running, cooking etc. Commonly, saying a sentence is much easy rather than to type. It means not only the youth but the old people also get benefits with voice messages like order to a device.

But there is another side, in digital marketing, we get to know the audience preferences from the keywords search by them. And now we get these keywords from the voices too. Around 30% of the web searching is taking place on a device with a screen. It means Google Home and Alexa will be used in future for voice searches.

Being a digital marketer what would be your next strategy? 

Mine is to use AI like Chatbots and make my website more users friendly.

Google algorithm

Google won’t satisfy the advertiser but the user!

To get the Google favour you need to search about your target audience preferences. Google updates its algorithm to robust the user experience. Some updates are core and some are minor. The core updates are most important because of its effects on your website. Google always announce that they are going to update the core algorithm regarding speed optimization so those sites who have low speed has to work on it. There are200 signals or parameters on which Google decide to rank the website.

Google has an objective that gives the relevant results to the user and ranks the websites who fulfil the basic content conditions.

The basic content conditions are:

  1. Content has to be fresh.
  2. Relevancy is the key
  3. Use of proper keywords
  4. Website speed matters a lot.
  5. Content title, heading, description has quality.
  6. Subtopics of your content also matter. Google love thick content
  7. Google check your domain age.
  8. Don’t use heavy images
  9. Never use dates in URL
  10. Your website has to be responsive

Google updates results won’t be shown immediately but I will tell you some tools to check fluctuations or effects of that updates.

Those tools are

  1. SEMrush
  2. ahrefs
  3. Moz

If Google ranks some other website it may affect on your website too but if you have quality content and you are fulfilling the above 10 points you don’t need to worry too much. Your target audience searches your content and these hits rank you on top again.

Why you need an omnichannel strategy?

A freelancer is waiting on fiver and he thinks that today is a bad day. No. it means he is bad to promote his/her work. You can find your target audience on different platforms. For this, you have to promote your work on all social media accounts with effective copywriting. Grabbing the target audience through cross-channel is called omnichannel strategy.

Once you get the client your next target is to retain the client.

Content writing won’t be easy in 2021

If you are a content writer you need to know that Google loves thick content. As so many people are producing high-quality content, Google loves to rank if your website fulfils the 200 signals or attributes as mentioned above. So those websites who don’t have a unique content strategy they cannot get the high rankings.

Make Google your friend with unique and thick content.

More search engines give more search types

Google has priority on all search engines but Google is not the only one in this world. There are some other platforms where you can find your target audience. You should consider the less-saturated forms as well. Those platforms may have only video or audio related content.

Big or small platforms won’t matter a lot but the target audience. 

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Written by Usra Saeed

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