6 Types Of Onboarding Services Offered At Taskmo

6 Types Of Onboarding Services

The B2B sector encompasses all types of services, out of which onboarding services are the most popular and preferred service in the business-to-business industry. The word ‘onboarding’ simply refers to boarding a particular individual onto a platform of your choice. In simple terms, onboarding is a process of welcoming an individual to a new process, in most cases a new application to ensure ease in their day-to-day operations.

 What is Onboarding?

Onboarding is the process through which most businesses acquire new clients, new subscribers and ensure that they can have uninterrupted access to all your products and services. In addition to that, onboarding also contributes to adding customers to your database. The process of onboarding a customer or a client to a platform happens only if there is a consensual agreement between the onboarding agent and the customer to be onboarded.

Today, onboarding services have enlarged and expanded into different industries and indeed onboarding has become the crux of every industry in the B2B sector. If you are a business owner, a platform creator, or if you just want to onboard customers onto your platform visit, Taskmo and avail our onboarding services today!

 What are the Onboarding Services offered at Taskmo?

Taskmo is an on-demand staffing platform that offers a wide range of onboarding services to brands of all sizes. The wide range of onboarding services offered at Taskmo, are as follows;

Merchant Onboarding

Merchant Onboarding in India is the process in which a merchant or a vendor is onboarded to a payment platform. In other words, merchant onboarding is the activity through which new merchants or vendors are added to a particular payment gateway system. In the present computerized world, it’s all digital wallets. At Taskmo, we offer merchant onboarding services in India for all organizations, firms, fintech corporations, and even startups and help in onboarding merchants five times faster.

Auto Onboarding

Auto onboarding, just like the name suggests, is the process of onboarding an auto driver onto a particular ride-sharing platform. Under the best auto-onboarding service, we ensure that auto-drivers are registered onto the specific application and provide its services under a similar application. Taskmo is the leading auto onboarding service provider in India. Taskmo has worked with several leading ride-sharing giants such as Uber, Ola, Rapido and has ramped up their auto onboarding rates within a quick turnaround time.

Vendor Onboarding

Every customer today wants to shop instantly and get their products and services done within a short span of time. Customers are no longer interested in standing in long queues but rather want everything to be done quickly within a jiffy. With rising business needs, vendor onboarding also becomes the need of the hour. Under the vendor onboarding services offered at Taskmo, we ensure that we understand the client brief and onboard specific vendors onto the platform, and ensure that their services are delivered through the client’s brand.

Bike Onboarding

We all can agree that the mode of traveling has turned topsy turvy in the last ten decades. Most individuals and even multinational companies and corporations are prime movers of the changing travel scene in the country. Today most people adopt carpooling and ride-sharing as it has two benefits for both parties. It’s lighter on your pocket and also saves the environment with minimal effort. There are several businesses that make the best use of the changing travel cultures and today there are multiple ride-sharing apps. If you own such a ride-sharing application and are looking for the best place to avail of bike onboarding services, visit Taskmo and get in touch with our experts today.

 Doctor Onboarding

If the pandemic has taught us one lesson, it is to pay more attention and have a close watch on the healthcare services and the healthcare professionals of the country. Thanks to technology, today there are several telehealth applications that help patients instantly connect with doctors through their smartphones. Taskmo offers doctor onboarding services to businesses in the medical and medi-tech industry. Taskmo follows a rigorous and highly transparent doctor onboarding process that will ensure that only genuine and trusted doctors and frontline workers are onboarded onto the platform.

 Teacher Onboarding

The pandemic changed a lot of things in our daily lives and one such sector that changed was education and learning. The education industry completely transitioned into a digital model of learning and teaching where students and teachers continued learning and teaching through digital platforms. With that in place, several digital learning, i.e. e-learning platforms quickly laid down several learning modules to keep children engaged educationally from the comfort of their homes. Taskmo aided several e-learning giants by offering teacher onboarding services to these companies.


There is a strong consensus that onboarding is going to be the future of every business activity. It’s best for service providers or service aggregators to pick the right and best onboarding service provider to get the best possible results. Now that you know everything about onboarding services offered at Taskmo, visit our experts today and speak to them to know more!

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